Protein Fortified Milk Recipe

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Total Time 3 min
Prep 3 min, Cook 0 min
Yield 4 cups

Protein fortified milk is perfect for people with cancer who have lost weight or have trouble maintaining their weight. It can be used in place of milk in all recipes and is especially good to use in place of regular milk in milkshakes, puddings, and other foods. It provides additional calories and protein. Each serving of 1 cup contains 211 calories and 14 grams of protein. This recipe makes 4 cups of milk.


  • 1 quart of whole milk or 2 percent milk
  • 1 cup dry non-fat milk
  • Variation: You can use buttermilk and/or dry buttermilk to substitute for the mild and dry milk.
  • Non-Dairy Variation: You can use soy milk or almond milk and/or soy powder instead of milk and dry milk.


Blending Instructions: Put milk and dry non-fat milk in a blender and blend for 2-3 minutes. If you do not have a blender, you can use a hand mixer or electric mixer. If you lack even those, a wire whisk or a using a spoon with plenty of stirring action will work. Blend it until smooth and the powder is incorporated into the liquid.

Chilling Instructions: Once blended, refrigerate for 4-6 hours until well chilled.

Be sure to store in a covered container, like a pitcher or large plastic container. Protein fortified milk tastes much better after it has been chilled, hence the chilling time before drinking.

Storage Instructions: When stored properly in the refrigerator, protein fortified milk will keep for 5-7 days. This will also depend on the expiration date printed on the milk used to make the recipe. Check the date and use it by the expiration date.

Before Using: You may want to shake it or stir it (depending on your storage container) before you use it to ensure the dry milk has not separated from the regular milk.

How to Use Protein Fortified Milk

Drink It: If you like to drink milk as a beverage, you will find there is very little taste difference with fortified milk. You can drink it by itself or add it to coffee and tea as you would regular milk. It also makes a great substitute for regular milk in cocoa, chai, milkshakes and smoothies.

Add to Recipes in Place of Milk: Protein fortified milk can be added to recipes calling for milk, and you will find very little difference in flavor or consistency.

Breakfast: Pour fortified milk over cold cereal or hot cereal, or add it to oatmeal. Use it in recipes for pancakes and other items where milk would be used.

Lunch and Dinner: Add fortified milk to mashed potatoes, milk-based sauces and casseroles that call for milk.

Snacks and Desserts: Use fortified milk in pudding as well as hot chocolate, smoothies and shakes, and substitute it for milk in dessert recipes.

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