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Want to learn more about social psychology on your drive to work? Maybe you want to gain a better understanding of neuroscience during your morning jog? No matter what your goals are, there are plenty of great psychology podcasts that you can subscribe and listen to at your own convenience. Whether you're an autodidact seeking to increase your knowledge of psychology or a college student majoring in the subject, these podcasts are an excellent way to learn more about a wide variety of topics in psychology.

General Psychology Podcasts

Psych 1: General Psychology

In these course podcasts offered by the University of California, Berkeley, instructor John Kihlstrom presents a great overview of psychology.

Psych 1: Psychology

A lecture series from an introductory course in psychology offered by the University of California - San Diego.

The Psych Files

This great podcast series produced by Michael Britt covers a wide range of topics in psychology, including interviews with experts and coverage of some of the latest research. Each podcast is accompanied by a selection of resources and links to learn more.

All In the Mind

ABC Radio National's outstanding series on the mind, brain and behavior hosted by Natasha Mitchell.

Forensic Psychology Podcasts


Serial is a popular podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig and produced by the creators of This American Life. The audio series follows one case over the course of each season, with events often unfolding as they happen throughout the series. The first season investigated the murder of 18-year-old student Hae Min Lee. Season two centers on the story of Bowe Berdahl, an American soldier who was held captive for five years by the Taliban and charged with desertion following his release. While the series does not focus on psychology per se, the cases investigated present a fascinating look at human behavior and may be of particular interest for those interested in the field of forensic psychology.

Clinical Psychology Podcasts

Psych 130: Clinical Psychology

These course podcasts from the University of California, Berkeley present an in depth look at topics within clinical psychology. Instructor Ann King offers lectures on diagnosis, assessment, research methods and a range of psychological disorders.

Cognitive Psychology Podcasts

Cognitive Daily Podcast

Cognitive Daily was an outstanding site run by psychology professor Greta Munger of Davidson College and writer Dave Munger. While the site is no longer updated, you can still access an archived collection of podcasts covering some of recent research and hot topics in cognitive science.

Developmental Psychology

Psych 140: Developmental Psychology

In another offering from the University of California, Berkeley, instructor Alison Gopnik delivers a series of lectures on human development. Some of the topics covered include brain development, infant cognition, language acquisition, attachment and moral reasoning.

History of Psychology

This Week in the History of Psychology

Check out this collection of podcasts from Christopher D. Green, professor of psychology at York University in Toronto, Canada. Each 25-minute episode includes an interview with an expert about a specific happening that occurred in the history of psychology.

Social Psychology Podcasts

Psychology 164: Social Cognition

Another course from professor John Kihlstrom from the University of Califoria - Berkeley. This podcast series covers a variety of topics related to social cognition including social perception, social judgement and social categorization.

Psychiatry Podcasts

AJP Audio

This podcast series offers highlights and discussion of each issue of The American Journal of Psychiatry. Each podcast provides a great look at some of the articles found in every issue of this journal. You can listen to each podcast on the website or you can subscribe to the AJP Audio podcast via iTunes.

IoP Podcasts

Download podcasts of lectures and events from the Institute of Psychiatry. Topics covered include schizophrenia, post-traumatic stress disorder, medical marijuana, addictions, depression and many more.

Neuroscience Podcasts

NIH Podcasts

The National Institutes of Health offers this collection of podcasts covering a variety of topics in neuroscience. Many seminars are offered in both audio and video format. You can download individual lectures directly from the NIH VideoCasting site or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Research Methods and Statistics Podcasts

Research and Data Analysis

This course lecture series from the University of California - Berkeley provides an excellent introduction to research methods in psychology. Individual podcasts cover topics such as central tendency, effect sizes, confidence intervals, t-tests and ANOVAs.

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