Pump in Style Advanced by Medela Review

Medela Pump in Style Advanced
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The Bottom Line

This breast pump by Medela is an excellent source for everyone interested in long term or frequent expression of breast milk by double or single pumping.


  • Strong pump for expressing breast milk.
  • Multiple speeds.
  • Multiple styles.
  • Bisphenol-A free plastics.


  • Initial costs.


  • The breast pump is easily portable for work or travel.
  • You can use this breast pump to single or double pump.
  • You have a variety of power supply options for this breast pump.
  • The breast pump comes apart easily for cleaning in between uses.
  • Natural Expression technology helps makes the pumping pattern more resemble a baby.

Guide Review - Pump in Style Advanced by Medela

The Pump in Style Advanced by Medela has the ability to single or double pump at any sitting. It is designed using the Natural Expression technology meaning that it adjusts its suction pattern to more mimic a baby's natural suckling style. This means that you can adjust the strength and speed of the suction while pumping.

While this review is specifically for the pump, it does come in multiple styles. The breast pump comes in a backpack or briefcase style, making it stylish in black microfiber. This also makes it very portable for use at home and work, unlike larger, hospital grade pumps. This makes the outside not scream breast pump. It also has a ton of pockets and places to put stuff.

The top flap of the back pack is a space for a picture of your baby to help with pumping. The backpack is comfortable to be held by hand or as a backpack, though I recommend that you be sure to adjust the straps well. (If you chose not to buy either of these kits that come with a bag, there are also breast pump bags that you can purchase separately.)

You can even use a vehicle adapter (not included in the initial kit) to pump while commuting. The Pump in Style Advanced can be powered by the DC 15 plug (included) or by using the battery kit. The kit is included, the batteries are not included. Extra pump parts are available separately.

The Pump in Style Advanced came with a kit of pump parts, including the extra white parts. It had a small insulated bag and bottles with a reusable ice pack for carrying breast milk.

The initial cost of the pump can be a drawback for some mothers. Though this option is much less expensive than monthly pump rental.

Disclosure: Review samples were provided by the manufacturer.

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