Puberty Q & A

Finding the answers to puberty's questions

Teenage puberty is a necessary stage in a teen's development. This is the time that your teen's body gets ready for reproduction. But it can be confusing and even frustrating! So many things are changing for your teen right now –- how do you know what is okay and what isn't?

Both boys and girls go through some of the physical changes of puberty in predictable stages:

    Sometimes knowing the general stages isn't enough. For girls, what is normal for one teen isn't normal for another. Teen girls also have one more issue in puberty that boys don't –- menstruation. Do you know enough about puberty in girls?

    For teen boys, many of the concerns about puberty deal with how the penis changes. Although they are sometimes embarrassed to ask their questions, many boys have concerns about if they are normal or not.

    If you have any questions about how your teen is going through puberty, your pediatrician or family healthcare provider can provide you with information specific to your teen.

    With some information (and a sense of humor), you and your teen will make it through puberty together!

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