Quick and Easy Core Workout

 Whether you want strong abs, flat abs, or both, you don't have to spend a lot of time doing a bunch of ab exercises. In fact, if you want to lose belly fat, your best bet is to focus on cardio, strength training for your entire body and, most importantly, your diet.

However, if you want strong abs, I've got a quick and dirty core workout.  This workout includes just five simple yet effective exercises that will work all the muscles in your core, including your abs and back.

You'll also work on balance and stability—a nice bonus along with a strong, fit core.


See your doctor if you have any medical issues or conditions.

Equipment Needed:

A mat.

How to:

  • Warm up with at least five minutes of cardio, or do this workout after a cardio workout when your muscles are warm.
  • Perform the exercises as shown, keeping the movements slow and controlled for maximum effectiveness.
  • Beginners:  Do 1-2 sets of 10-12 reps.
  • Intermediate/Adv:  Do 3 or more sets of 12-16 reps.
  • You can also do the workout in a circuit format, doing each exercise one after the other with no rests in between.

Bird Dog

Bird Dog
Ben Goldstein

Get on your hands and knees, keeping the knees directly under the hips and the hands directly under the shoulders.

Extend the right leg out while lifting the opposite arm straight up in the air until it's parallel to the floor. Hold briefly, lower and repeat on the other side for 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps.

Back Extensions

Lie on your stomach on your mat and put your hands behind your head, as shown, or keep them out to the sides if that's more comfortable.

Contract the abs and keep them tight as you lift your chest off the floor a few inches, contracting the lower back muscles.

Lower and repeat for 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps.

Modified Side Bridge

Lie on your side on the right hip, resting on the elbow and keeping your knees and ankles stacked on top of each other.

Keeping the knees and elbow on the floor, contract the abs to lift the hips off the floor.

Lower and repeat for 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps.

Toe Taps

Lie down on your back and take the legs up, knees bent at 90 degrees. If this bothers your back, place a rolled up towel under the lower back/hips.

Keeping the abs contracted, slowly lower the right foot towards the floor, tapping with your toes. Bring the leg back up and repeat on the other side for 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps.


Lying on your back, rest your arms at your sides. Without pressing into the floor with your hands, lift the hips up in the air as high as you can, feeling your lower back and glutes contract.

Lower and repeat for 1-3 sets of 10-16 reps.

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