Quick Compare Chart - Double Strollers for Twins

Specifications for Popular Double Strollers for Twins

Quick Compare Double Stroller Chart
Quickly compare features of popular double strollers for twins. Images courtesy of Amazon.com

When shopping for a double stroller for twins, it is easy to become quickly overwhelmed. With so many options, it is difficult to determine which product will best serve your family's needs. Here is an easy way to evaluate some of the most popular double strollers on the market. This quick compare chart for double strollers for twins allows you to see details about popular double strollers at a glance.

Parents of twins who are shopping for double strollers can compare dimensions, weight, and features of stroller models and click the links to easily purchase a double stroller online. For more information on choosing a double stroller for twins, please see ​How to Choose a Double Stroller for Twins or one of the resources below. 

Double Strollers for Twins

 StrollerWeightWeight CapacityHeightWidthTypeRetail PriceFolded DimensionsNotes
Joovy Big Caboose (Buy at Amazon.com)34.2 lbs.40 lbs. each in front seats44.25"21.5"tandem$37963"L 21.5"W 14"H2 universal adapters for infant seats included; 3rd passenger platform. (Read review.)
Baby Jogger City Mini Double (Buy at Amazon.com)26.6 lbs.100 lbs. combined44.25"29.75"side-by-side$44931"L 29.75"W 11.25"HOnly accommodates one infant seat; One-hand fold for easy storage. (Read review.)
Bumbleride Indie Twin (Buy at Amazon.com)34 lbs.90 lbs. combined43"29.5"side-by-side$72932"L 29.5"W 15"HAccommodates some models of infants seats and requires 2 adapters, sold separately. 
Graco Ready2Grow (Buy at Amazon.com)33 lbs.50 lbs. each41"24"tandem$19952"L 24.0"W 20.5"HAccommodates two Graco brand infant seats.
(Buy at Amazon.com)26 lbs.50 lbs. each40"30"tandem$29936"L 27.0"W 11"HOnly accommodates one infant seat. 
(Buy at Amazon.com)28 lbs.50 lbs. each41.4"30.5"side-by-side$44930.5"L 30.5"W 13"HOnly accommodates one infant seat. 
Baby Trend Expedition (Buy at Amazon.com)32.5 lbs.50 lbs. each 42"31.5"jogger$199??"L ??.?"W ??"HPneumatic bicycle tires.
Contours Options Elite (Buy at Amazon.com38 lbs.80 lbs. combined39.75"26"tandem$29921"L 26.0"W 38.74"HAccommodates two infant seats with adapters; one is included but must by a second adapter separately. Seats can face each other, front, or back. 
Chicco Echo Twin (Buy at Amazon.com)30.45 lbs.40 lbs. each41.5"30.75"side by side$18941"L 14.0"W 15"H 

BOB Revolution SE Dualie (Buy at Amazon.com)

34 lbs.100 lbs. combined40"30.5"side-by-side/jogger$50044.5"L 30.5"W 16"HSwiveling front wheels can be locked for use as jogger. 

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