5 Quick, Easy, and Fun Indoor Games for Kids

Fun for when you can't head outside but the kids are antsy

indoor games
Got cabin fever? Try one of these fun indoor games for preschoolers!. Image Matt Carr

We've all been there as parents. It's raining, or too cold outside, or maybe even too hot. Maybe you are waiting for an important call and can't be too far away from your house phone. Maybe the landscapers are in front of your house. No matter what the reason, the point is, the kids want to go outside to play and in this moment, you simply can't do it. So how do you keep them entertained without everyone going crazy (Are there any worse words than "I'm bored!?)?

These five fun indoor games for kids will preserve your sanity and keep the kids entertained and happy. Give them a try!

  1. Can You Draw It? It's a take on Pictionary, without the cards or board. Set out crayons and paper for each person who would like to play. Prepare ahead of time a list of easy-to-draw items, such as a house, a tree, a dog, and more. Blindfold your artist and whisper to them what you'd like them to draw. When they are finished, can the others figure out what it is? If it's just you and your child at home, just take turns drawing items and guessing.
  2. ​Building Up: Who needs blocks? If you don't mind a little bit of a mess, this is a fun one. Take a bunch of a single item -- pots, cups, books, spice jars, etc. See how many your preschooler can stack up before it falls. Once you've mastered that, try building other structures. Who is the winner? What is the most unusual thing your preschooler can build with?
  1. "Laser" Labyrinth: If you've got a skein of yarn at home, then you have the makings of a do-it-yourself laser conundrum. Unroll the skein of yarn in a room or a hallway in your home. Tape it to walls, make it go over or under furniture -- just arrange it so your kids can climb through it. Place a treat on one side and see how long it takes your little one to get through. Want to make it a real challenge? See if they can do it without touching any of the yarn!
  1. Make Your Own Raceway: Sure, pre-made racetracks are fun, but help your preschooler make their own by using books! Line books into columns with space in the middle to make a road. You can have a straight run, have turns, even create slopes with open books. While a carpeted space would work fine, it's probably better to use a smooth surface, such as kitchen tile or wood floors.
  2. What Has Gone Missing?: Help your preschooler work on their memorization skills with this fun game. You can play a couple of different ways. First, line up a number of things in a line. More than five works best. You could start with a small amount and then build up. Let your preschooler study what's there. Then ask them to leave the room. While he or she is gone, remove one of the items from the line. Can your preschooler identify what is missing? Alternatively, for a harder version of the game, you can point out various items in the room and then hide one of them. Make sure that what you are removing is fairly obvious. Can your preschooler identify what is missing?

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