What to Ask When Choosing a Daycare for Your Child

choosing a daycare

Choosing the right daycare for your family can be a confusing decision. There are many options with different philosophies about child-rearing and discipline. Daycares may also provide different scheduling options and daycare cost may vary based on location and facility.  Here are some quick questions to help you decide if the place you are considering is right for your family. For time-crunched parents, you can always ask these questions over the phone, and if you like the responses you receive, the next step should be to tour the facility.

What Should You Ask Before Enrolling Your Child in Daycare?

  • What is the curriculum and is it academically focused or play-based?
  • How are kids separated into classrooms?
  • What is the attendance and vacation policy (is credit given for vacations after so many months?)?
  • Is part-time care offered is that is what you are looking for?
  • What hours is the center open and are any late night hours available for those parents who don't work traditional 9am-5pm hours?
  • What is the teacher/student ratio in the classroom your child would be in (don't just get an average of all classes)?
  • Are any special programs or enrichment opportunities available?
  • Are their field trips or do kids remain in the center at all times (some centers take kids on trips and others' don't and parents seem mixed on their preference)?
  • What type of training has staff received and what is the overall experience level?
  • Do kids play outside and is there outdoor equipment or organized activities?
  • What type of safety features does the facility have in place?
  • Are their daily or weekly comments or assessments provided to me to keep me informed about what my child is doing?

Updated by Jill Ceder

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