Quick Scrapbooking Tips for New Parents

Easy Scrapbooking Ideas for Your Baby Album

Many new parents who are seeking a way to preserve memories from their baby’s first year worry that creating a scrapbook album is too time-consuming. While it’s true that some of the layouts you see in scrapbooking magazines take several hours to complete, you can easily design an attractive baby scrapbook page in a fraction of the time if you keep in mind a few quick scrapbooking tips for new parents.


With so many different scrapbook supplies available, it can be hard to determine what items “fit” together for a particular project. With a page kit, coordinating patterned papers and embellishments have already been selected for you. Scrapbook page kits are available in baby boy and baby girl themes, as well as general family themes. Most kits have enough supplies to complete between four and six layouts, with a few extra items that you can use for handmade greeting cards or other projects when you are finished.


Turn to scrapbook sketches for design inspiration.

Instead of wasting time trying to figure out how to arrange all of the images and embellishments on your baby scrapbook page, turn to scrapbook sketches to get the creative inspiration you need. Sketches provide a “blueprint” for you to follow for your project, thus allowing you to make a beautiful scrapbook page in a fraction of the time it would take to start from scratch.

Save time by using photo matting alternatives.

Novice scrapbookers often make the mistake of thinking that they must mat every photo on their layout. While matting can be a fabulous way to draw attention to a special photo, it’s not necessary for every image. You can try techniques such as using a corner rounder or adding decorative photo corners to accomplish the same effect with a minimal amount of effort.

Crop photos to fit more images on your baby scrapbook layouts.

Cropping pictures can often help improve the quality of the image, but it’s also a good way to fit more photos on a baby scrapbook layout. The more pictures you can fit on a page, the fewer pages you’ll need to include in your album. You can purchase templates for cropping photos or use a large square punch to quickly crop an entire stack of baby photos.

Start an idea notebook.

Scrapbooking is just like any other creative pursuit in that it’s hard to predict when inspiration will strike. However, if you get in the habit of keeping a pen and a small notebook in your purse, you’ll be able to jot down ideas for photos, journaling, or special projects whenever they come to you. Then, when you can spare a few minutes to work on your baby scrapbook album, your notes will be readily available to use as a reference.

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