30-Day Quick Start Exercise Guide - First Week

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On Day 1 of your 30-Day Quick Start Guide, you spent time getting prepared, took your measurements and completed your first cardio workout. Now, you're ready to build on that success and move on to the next phase of your 30-day Quick Start with your first full week of workouts.

Your First Week

Day 1: 20-Minute Cardio

Day 2: Basic Strength Training

For this workout, you'll do one set of 15 reps of each exercise listed below, resting briefly between exercises as needed.

Visit the Basic Total Body Strength workout for step by step instructions for each exercise.

Day 3: 20-Minute Cardio

Today you'll do the same 20-Minute Cardio as day 1, followed by these flexibility exercises:

Day 4: Basic Yoga

For today's workout, you'll go through the following poses, holding each for 3-5 breaths. View full step by step instructions at Morning and Evening Yoga.

Day 5: Basic Strength

Today's workout involves the Basic Strength exercises you did on Day 2.

As before, perform 1 set of 15 reps for each exercise, resting briefly between exercises as needed.

Day 6: Beginner Intervals

Today's cardio workout involves alternating work sets (working at a higher intensity) with rest sets using this Perceived Exertion Chart to monitor your intensity. This workout can be done on any cardio machine.

Visit Beginner Interval Workout for detailed instructions.

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