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Quit Smoking 101 -- Lesson 3

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The Benefits of Smoking Cessation

From better health to improved self-esteem, the benefits we can expect to enjoy when we quit smoking are numerous and far-reaching.

Embrace your quit program and you cannot help but be changed by it. You'll love the new you, and given time and distance from nicotine addiction, you'll wonder why you waited so long to quit.

The links in this lesson point you to articles about the benefits others have experienced since quitting tobacco, along with the physical improvements that begin within just 20 minutes of your last cigarette.

Sit down with a cup of tea and grab a little inspiration. You'll come away from your reading inspired to put smoking behind you, once and for all.

Don't ever think that it's too late for you to quit, or that the damage has been done and you'll never be free of the need to smoke. We are infinitely adaptable creatures, and are never too old to learn new tricks.

Quitting tobacco is worth the work it takes to achieve -- your precious and irreplaceable life is worth the work.

Smoking Cessation Benefits

32 Benefits of Quitting Smoking
Most ex-smokers expect their health to improve after quitting, but that is just the beginning of the improvements that you can look forward to.

After the Last Cigarette
Twenty short minutes after stubbing out that last cigarette, physical improvements begin.  This article details what they are from early cessation through 15 years quit.

What We Love About Not Smoking -- Reader Comments
Readers share how it feels to be free of nicotine addiction.

Smoking offers nothing of value, but the benefits of smoking cessation bring gifts beyond compare.

25 Ways Smoking Cessation Makes Me Feel Grateful
Most ex-smokers are surprised at how many changes for the better smoking cessation brings into their lives. This gratitude list highlights some of them.

Life After Tobacco
Ex-smokers describe what life is like after quitting tobacco, along with the many ways it has improved their lives.

6 Indulgences You Can Afford if You Don't Smoke
Money that used to go up in smoke can fund indulgences that reward your efforts and offer tangible motivation to stay off cigarettes at the same time.

Personal Quit Stories

The First Three Months -- Week-by-Week
Smoking Cessation forum member Marah smoked for 27 years. In her account, she shares the improvements she experienced after quitting on a  week-by-week basis.

Six Months Free - EB's List of Benefits
In her account, EB lists out 18 improvements that have surfaced for her since quitting smoking.

How Quitting Smoking Will Change Your Thoughts and Actions
As smokers, we think life will be dismal without our cigarettes. These ex-smokers tell you why that's not true.

Things I've Learned Along the Way - Dee's 6 Month Smoke-Free Milestone Story
At six months smoke-free, Dee has learned some important lessons about what makes a successful quit program.

17 Ways Smoking Cessation Has Improved My Life - Deborah's Story
Another 6 month smoke-free milestone, Deborah details the many ways life has gotten better since she quit smoking.

Smoking Cessation Support

Smoking Cessation Support Forum
Support is a key ingredient in a successful quit program. Connect with others who are going through smoking cessation now, along with those who are further along and can offer advice.

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