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Quit Smoking 101 -- Lesson 6

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Preparing for Your Quit date

You've done some work to get your mind wrapped around the idea of quitting tobacco. Hopefully you've started a list of reasons to quit smoking, and it's the first entry in your new quit journal.

You've read up on the health risks of smoking and learned about the benefits others have noticed since quitting. You've decided whether you'll use a quit aid to help you quit smoking, or perhaps you've decided to go the cold turkey route.

In this lesson we'll look at what you should think about as you decide on your quit date, as well as how you can prepare your environment for the big day. Finally, we'll touch on support, and give you links to a number on online communities where you can connect with others who are quitting tobacco too.

Don't fear quitting tobacco - it has never killed anyone. The same cannot be said of smoking.

Embrace your quit and a smoke-free future for yourself!

Picking the Date

What to Consider When Choosing Your Quit Date
Things you should consider when deciding on your personal quit date are detailed in this article.

Preparing for Your Quit Smoking Date

Education, Quit Journals, and a Check-up
Run through a checklist of things to do to prepare for your quit date, some of which we've covered already in this e-course. A refresher never hurts though, because good preparation puts you into the driver's seat when you quit.

Quit Supplies
The first several weeks of smoking cessation can be difficult, and you'll probably get a little fidgety. The list of items in this article will help you weather the urge to smoke more easily.

Online Quit Smoking Support

About Smoking Cessation Support Forum
The About Smoking Cessation Forum provides offers excellent quit support.

This group has new members joining daily,and someone is always online and ready to help.

Supported by Mayo Clinic, The American Cancer Society and The National Cancer Institute among others, BecomeAnEx.org is an informative website for quitters and has an active online forum community.

Getting Ready to Say Goodbye

Believe it or not, it can be very therapeutic to sit down with pen and paper and write a good old fashioned "Dear John" letter to your cigarettes when you quit smoking.  Plenty of others have done it!  Read the letters linked below and then write your own, if so inclined.

Cigarettes Were an Abusive Partner
A love/hate relationship of the worst kind, cigarettes are an abusive partner on every level.

I WILL Survive
This letter from a former smoker poignantly describes how nicotine addiction hurt other relationships in her life.

Goodbye, Goodbye to Your Stinking Lies
When Jamie wrote this goodbye letter to smoking, it sealed her commitment to quit smoking for good.

Inspirational Quit Stories

Desperate to Smoke; Desperate to Quit
Forum member Lesly share's thoughts about smoking that we can all relate to.

It Takes a Village
Sally describes her first year of smoking cessation.

All That I Learned in One Year
At one year smoke free, Jen shares the tips and tricks that helped her quit smoking successfully.

The Freedom is Incredible
Recovery from nicotine addiction takes time and patience, but the rewards are outstanding, as Kathy describes in her one year smoke-free milestone message.

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