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Quit Smoking 101 -- Lesson 10

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Quit Stories from Successful Ex-Smokers

The last lesson in this series is devoted to the personal quit stories of those who have walked the path and found long term freedom from nicotine addiction. There is nothing more inspirational than hearing from others just like us who smoked for years and have quit successfully.

You have what it takes to quit smoking within your right now.

Thousands quit smoking every year and never look back.

You can too. Arm yourself with education, determination and support and there is nothing you cannot accomplish. Believe it!

If You Want to Change Your Life, Change Your Mind.

Personal Quit Stories

17 Things I've Learned About Quitting Smoking - Dee's Story
Dee is a moderator for the About Smoking Cessation support forum.  At 5 years smoke-free, she wrote this useful message about what it takes to quit.

How I Finally Quit Smoking - Joe's Story
Plenty of practical advice from Joe about how to go about creating a quit that will last you a lifetime.

3 Essential Ingredients for Success with Smoking Cessation - Terry's Story
Smoking Cessation Expert, Terry Martin's thoughts at 5 years smoke-free.

All of The Things I Couldn't Have Done as a Smoker - CM's Story
Long term smoking cessation brings benefits that wouldn't be possible if we continued smoking, as this ex-smoker's story shows.

Life is So Much Better Since Quitting - David's Story
At three years smoke-free, David describes how much different his life is than it was when he smoked.

Two Years Ago, Cigarettes Were My Best Friend - Lesly's Story
From Lesly: "In the beginning(of cessation), I struggled and had constant visitors. Their names were anger, self doubt, anxiety and depression."

Quitting Might Be Hard, But Do It Anyway - Steph's Story
Ex-smoker Steph puts the discomforts of smoking cessation in perspective in her quit story, written at a year smoke-free.

It's Never Too Late to Quit - Dar's Story
After 50 years of smoking, Dar's quit story illustrates that it's never too late to turn things around in ways that improve health and well-being.

Then vs. Now - Dana's Story
The road to recovery from nicotine addiction is a winding path for most ex-smokers. Old associations to smoking that trigger junkie thinking are bound to pop up now and again.


Put yourself and your quit program at the top of your list of priorities and resolve to do whatever is necessary for however long it takes to break the associations you have with smoking.  It is worth the work and the benefits of getting clear of the nicotine ball and chain are outstanding. 

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