What's Your Fitness Personality? The Seeker

 You may have a tendency to follow the latest fitness trends and you may also have a history of starting and quitting exercise programs without finding an activity that quite clicks for you. You may even have a garage or basement full of gadgets you've bought and given up on.

The great thing about you is that you never give up. You want to find something that works and that perseverance serves you well, even if it doesn't always feel that way.

It may help give you more focus and direction, set specific goals for to stay on track even as you explore new ideas.

Get More Focused

These resources may help you set some specific goals for yourself, stay committed to what you're doing and provide a more structured program for you to try.

Best Exercises and Activities for Your Personality

You may be a bit self-conscious when it comes to exercise and, perhaps, worried about what other people will think about you in a public setting. At the same time, you may also be a social person and enjoy being active in a group setting. Instead of looking for one 'right' activity, give yourself permission to enjoy a variety of exercises. The following ideas will help you get the most of your exercise program.

Join a Gym

You may be a bit intimidated to join a gym, but this is a great option for you. As a seeker, most health clubs offer variety, so you have plenty of opportunities to try new things -- fitness classes, machines, sports, or water aerobics. You might even want to join a men's only or women's only club at first, until you feel more comfortable exercising in public.

Workout with a Friend

A friend's support may be just what you need to be more consistent with your workouts. Make a standing appointment with a friend or family member so you always get at least one workout in each week.

Work with a Personal Trainer

If you have a tendency to start and stop exercise, getting some face-time with a professional may help you set realistic goals for yourself while finding activities you'll do on a regular basis.

Find One Activity to Master

If you tend to jump from one thing to another without sticking with any one thing, decide on one activity to master. Whether it's walking, cycling or a kickboxing class, choose something you enjoy and commit to doing it for the next 4 to 6 weeks to get yourself into the habit of exercising. Once you're more consistent, allow yourself to try new activities.

Try Exercise Videos

Videos are another good option for something who's searching to find the right exercise. Videos offer instruction and guidance, which is something you may need, but you're in charge of what you do and how much. Check out some of my video reviews or visit Collage Video for more ideas.