Review of Read and Write Gold, A Text Reading and Writing Program

Read & Write Gold is a Comprehensive Text Reading and Writing Tool
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The Bottom Line

Overall, Read & Write Gold is an excellent product with potential to improve learning for students with reading and writing disabilities. The tools in this program will help struggling readers and writers to become more independent in the classroom.

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  • Computerized voices are well developed and among the most natural-sounding on the market.
  • The program features text reading, voice dictation, research aides, and teaching tools.
  • Read & Write Gold supports students throughout the reading, writing, and learning process.


  • The program is expensive and may be beyond some schools' budgets.
  • Students will require assistance in learning to use the program, but help is available.


  • Read & Write Gold is an assistive technology software program developed by Texthelp Systems.
  • The software reads electronic text from sources such as e-books, websites, and documents created in word-processing programs.
  • Read & Write Gold helps writers with predictive spelling, word choice, dictionary, and thesaurus features.
  • The program includes voice dictation that also reads aloud what students write and helps them identify errors.

Review: Read & Write Gold - A Text Reading and Writing Program

Read & Write Gold is a text reading and writing program developed to assist children and adults with reading and writing disabilities. Developed by Texthelp Systems, this software is one of the most multifaceted programs on the market.

It's designed to improve reading comprehension, help struggling readers process and comprehend large amounts of text, help users conduct research, and enable struggling writers to produce quality written documents. It also includes multiple additional tools to help students with classwork and tools that actually help teach reading and writing skills.

Read & Write Gold Includes:

  • Text reading in quality computerized voices;
  • Editing tools such as a spell checker, word predictor, dictionary, word wizard thesaurus, and a sounds alike tool that helps users determine if they've chosen the correct homophones in their writing;
  • An MP3 converter to convert text into files for later playback in an MP3 player;
  • A pronunciation tutor, fact finding tool, fact mapping graphic organizer tool;
  • A voice dictation tool for writing assistance; and
  • A floating toolbar that allows users to access Read & Write Gold from within other programs such as word processing programs or .pdf reader programs.

Read & Write Gold is likely to be a helpful tool for students with learning disabilities in reading, writing, and language disorders to promote skill development and increase independence in the classroom. However, the program is complex, and students will likely need teacher support in learning how to use it. That said, there are several resources available from the publisher to help such as online help, training guides, video guided tours, webinars, and interactive online product training.

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