5 Real Life Results Pilates Delivers

Pilates Makes you Better at Everything.

From sports, to sex and everything physical in between Pilates can improve your performance on every level. Underlying all physical activities are some basic skills that must be mastered. Pilates goes to the core of these basic skills and develops the building blocks of wellness from the inside out. Whether you choose the original athletic style of Joe Pilates method or the contemporary therapeutic experience, Pilates is foundational training from which to build upon.

Here are five real life ways Pilates delivers results that make you better at everything else.

1. Perfect your Posture

You can't get through a basic beginner Pilates move without having your posture addressed. Stand tall, shoulders back, abdominals pulled in and up are all the key phrases that prepare you for a variety of Pilates exercises. Each day gravity takes a toll on us, weighing down our bones and muscles and causing a very real shrinkage that reveals itself in our stooped shoulders and rounded upper backs. Many of our efforts at sustained cardio activity do nothing to offset this.

Try the Swan. This is just one exercise in Pilates that can tackle your posture head on by getting to the root of the problem. Weak upper back muscles and tight chest muscles. There is also a great Wall series you can perform anywhere to keep your Pilates posture in check.

2. Gain Flexibility

Flexibility varies from individual to individual but experts agree that good range of motion is key to living longer.

For every strength moment, there's a stretch moment Pilates people say. When you move through the classical mat routine or work with the spring driven apparatus, you will find each exercise has a balance of stretch and strength. Pilates demands that you take your body to end range for each move. That means you should complete each move to the outer limit of your own personal range of motion.

By using the maximum length possible, we can also tap into the best muscular recruitment to increase strength. 

Try the Double Leg Stretch to experience a perfect example of this length-for-strength model we use in Pilates. The upper limbs and torso stretch away from the legs and then snap back with strength and control. 

3. Develop Coordination

​Accidents often happen as a result of poor coordination. We trip, stumble or miss the mark as a a result of poor timing. Pilates trains you to keep time with each move and between each move. By syncing your moves with your breath you learn to coordinate moving parts all at once. And by routinely performing exercises that move through all planes as opposed to just one repetitive move, your coordination is dramatically enhanced.

Try the Pilates Lunges. Working your legs, arms, breath and core all at the same time is the way Pilates works most exercises.

4. Improve your Gait (Walk Better)

Cumulative bad habits lead to poor biomechanics and changes in our physiology.How we stand and walk every day impacts the ankle, knee and hip joints working its way up to hour pelvis and back.

Short shuffling steps and poor foot mobility can cause a host of limitations in every day function.

Try the Two by Four exercise. This Pilates move as well as a host of other foot-focused moves address and tackle the problem of poor gait. Working these moves in the larger program improves the way you walk and by extension, the way you feel. 

5. Increase Stamina

Sitting at your desk, in your car or in front of a screen isn't going to help you improve cardiovascular fitness, but resistance training will. Starting with the very first Pilates move, the Hundred, you'll be increasing your lung capacity, circulation and stamina. By learning the Mat order of exercises the way Joe Pilates laid it out, you'll increase your stamina each day by adding one new exercise at a time.

Try the Hundred. Start with just fifty, or go for 110 if you can. Then move on to the full mat.

Pilates is intended to help you live better, not just exercise better. These specific results will improve your health exponentially.

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