5 Common Reasons You'll Decide Not to Have More Kids

The reasons you're done having babies

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Are you done having babies? Are you sure? It's something that you may not have given a lot of thought to or it's something that you've spent a great deal of time thinking about. Here are some common reasons that parents list for deciding not to have more kids:


Money is a huge reason that many people decide to limit their family size. Being able to clothe and feed your children is a huge responsibility.

The cost of raising a child is going higher and higher every year, and that doesn't even include the thought of saving for college. Between the clothes, food, toys, medical expenses and odds and ends (read toys and gadgets), you could easily spend $250,000 - 500,000 per kid. This can also include thoughts about not being able to afford a bigger car or minivan, new house, etc. While you can certainly do some cost saving measures like hand me downs, you can't share dinner.


Your house or apartment might not be big enough to have more kids. Feeling cramped in your home is not a pleasant feeling. Babies take up a lot of space, particularly if you have all the "stuff" that babies seem to collect. (They certainly don't need a lot of stuff, but it's pretty standard.) Tie this with the inability to afford to move to a bigger space or the lack of desire to move and you've found your reason.

Medical Complications 

Sometimes you know that the safest thing for you is to not give birth to any more children. Perhaps your last pregnancy was very traumatic and you don't want to repeat that experience. A medical complication might stem from a chronic condition that is not related to pregnancy or perhaps you have a history of a pregnancy complication like preterm labor, a number of cesareans or some other reason that you have been advised not to have any more children.


Having little ones around does something to your brain. Mommy brain or placenta brains can be very annoying. Some families tolerate this better than others. You might simply know that you have a limit as to how many children you can handle. That's a good thing.

Just Knew 

Maybe when you were little you had planned it all out. You'd go to college, marry your highschool sweetheart, you'd have two kids, one girl and then one boy and live happily ever after. If that was your plan and you're ready to be done - great! Some families also just play it by ear, saying that they know when they'll be done. If you were planning to have a boy and a girl and now have two girls or two boys, maybe you want to entertain the thought of a new pregnancy, or maybe you say that you're happy where you are at.


As mothers and fathers start their families later in lives, they may find that their age limits the number of children that they feel that they can have. This might be a physical or mental reason, but their limit is where their limit is... It was also once thought that a man could safely have children for a very long time, but recent research is showing that the age of the father can play into complications for the baby.

The older your are, the more likely a complication is and potentially the less energy you have to cope.

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