5 Reasons Dads of Twins Are Awesome

Dads of Twins Pull Double Duty

Dads of twins have their hands full. Heather Hawksford / Getty Images

 Lots of attention is focused on moms of twins. But dads of twins deserve some special recognition. It's not hard to imagine that dads of twins tend to be more involved with the care of their babies; whether they like it or not, the demands of meeting the needs of multiple babies require that extra set of helping hands.  Let's take a look at some of the ways that dads of twins are simply awesome. 

Dads of Twins are Awesome Because ... Both Arms Get a Workout

Dad playing with twin boys. altrendo images/Stockbyte / Getty Images

Kids love the security of being held in Dad's strong arms. It's a good thing that dads of twins have two arms; they are sure to get a double workout giving out hugs to both twins! 

Dads of Multiples Can Multitask

Dad feeding twins in high chairs. Diana Koenigsberg/Stone / Getty Images

Moms are known for their ability to multitask -- doing more than one thing at a time. When you're a parent of multiples, it's simply a required skill. And dads with twins often learn to master this skill as adeptly as their mom counterparts. Check him out, he's soothing one crying baby while changing the diaper of another ... Or helping one twin with homework while fixing a snack for another one.... 

Dads of Twins Sacrifice Sleep

Sleep is Sacrificed with Newborn Twins. Nino H Photography/Moment / Getty Images

 A recent study showed that dads of twins lose just as much sleep as moms during the early weeks with twins. Researchers at Case Western Reserve University's School of Nursing tracked the sleep patterns of both mothers and fathers with newborn twins, and their data indicated that both parents showed disrupted sleep with multiple awakenings during the night. As the lead researcher explained, "They both suffered equally." Three cheers for the dads that are sacrificing sleep to help feed, change and soothe twin babies in the nighttime hours. 

Dads of Twins Carry the Load

Stephen Simpson / Getty Images

With two babies, there is double the amount of stuff. Thank goodness for dads of twins who step up and help carry the load. From babies in car seats to double strollers, Dads make sure that everything gets where it needs to go.  

Dads of Twins Know How to Nurture Mom

Take Care of Mom in Twin Pregnancy. Robert Daly/Calaimage / Getty Images

Even before the babies arrive, dads of twins are often required to step in to the role of caretaker. With the additional risks of a multiple pregnancy, pregnant mothers require an extra dose of TLC, and sometimes even more extreme measures such as bed rest or hospitalization. Dads are called on to carry the slack when Mom is out of commission, helping out around the house, caring for older children, and making sure Mom gets the care she needs. 

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