Why Sex is the Best Valentine's Day Treat

Sex is Better Than Candy

Who doesn’t love the moment something sweet hits your lips? That initial instant and the few seconds after can only be described as pure bliss. But then that one blissful moment turns into several moments; before you know it, you look down at the empty bag and pleasure melts away, only to be replaced with regret. We’ve all been there before, trading a day of healthy eating for a fleeting moment of satisfaction. And sure, a few bites of Ben & Jerry’s won’t kill you, but you know what hits the spot and is actually good for you? That’s right, sex.

If you’re looking for a sweet gift for yourself or your partner this Valentine’s Day, there’s no reason to bust out the Godiva. Getting down and dirty has numerous benefits for your health and mood, including leaving a longer-lasting smile on your face.

Sex Is Kind of Like Cardio

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Did you know sex counts as exercise? That’s right. You can burn upwards of 290 calories every hour you do the deed. So not only are you indulging in sensual pleasure, you’re actually working out while you’re getting off. Even a good make-out session has results, burning up to 238 calories an hour. Though that’s not quite the workout you get sweating through your Pilates class, this kind of body conditioning definitely has a better ending.

Certain positions are more effective in exercising specific muscle groups. Good old missionary, for example, provides a great core workout if both parties thrust toward each other. Squeeze the buttocks together with each push, ensuring you’re not pushing from your lower back (which can lead to injury), while also toning those glutes. Looking for advanced acrobatics? Try “The Bridge” for an intense, full-body burn. The woman holds herself facing up, with arms straight and knees bent (like a table). The man can kneel or squat between her legs, holding his partner’s hips up as he penetrates her.

Sex Is Good For Your Health

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While certain kinds of chocolate do have health benefits, these advantages are only relevant when consuming small portions. According to a 2008 study, eating 6.7 grams (0.2 ounces) of dark chocolate daily was found to reduce inflammation and contribute to heart health. That’s great news if you have terrific self-control, but most of us don’t stop at two squares. And the really delicious stuff? It’s packed with sugar and saturated fat. Contributing to high cholesterol, heart disease, stroke and spikes in glucose levels, it is no secret candy have a negative effect on your body. And we won’t even mention the calories…  

Sex, on the other hand, lowers blood pressure, increases heart health, boosts immunity and even lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men. Practicing​ Kegel exercises during sex also increases the strength of pelvic floor muscles, resulting in better bladder control for women. Feeling under the weather? Not only does sexy-time relieve pain, but doing it just once a week also increases the levels of the cold-fighting antibody IgA by 30%!

Sex Relieves Serious Tension

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While chocolate in small amounts has an anti-depressant effect by producing phenylethylamine and serotonin—among other bliss-inducing chemicals—too much of these is thought to do the opposite, causing depression, anxiety, and social withdrawal. A natural mood-booster, sex produces endorphins, dopamine, and prolactin. Known colloquially as the pleasure, reward and sleep hormones, all of these beauties leave you happier and more relaxed.

The combo of lower blood pressure and less stress will help you enjoy a better night’s rest, as you clock more minutes of crucial deep sleep. Waking refreshed and getting enough shut-eye cannot be undervalued, with sleep-deprivation having a significant impact on alertness and productivity. So next time you’re feeling overworked and under-rested, take a tumble in the sheets. Doctor’s orders. 

Sex Enhances Intimacy in Your Relationship

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Studies show that couples that have sex once a week report feeling happier and more connected to their partners. Though not a one-size-fits-all prescription, there’s no denying that physical intimacy is essential to a healthy romantic relationship. Bonding happens thanks to the cuddle-hormone oxytocin and causes those post-coital doe eyes. Perhaps surprisingly, snuggling after sex is more important to men in long-term relationships than for women. Regardless of your gender, tender moments following moans of pleasure are something you can’t find at the bottom of a bag of candy.  

Sex Often Leads to Orgasms, Which Are Every Better for Your Health

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Sure, candy satisfies a certain kind of urge, but there’s an itch no amount of sugar can scratch. We don’t need to tell you about the sensual joys of the female or male orgasm, but there are several physical benefits, too. For ladies using other methods of birth control, you may be surprised to learn that semen ejaculated into the vagina has an anti-depressant effect. Additionally, orgasms were shown to reduce carbohydrate cravings in this study. Research also shows the big ‘O’ increases your libido, by boosting testosterone and balancing estrogen levels. So while candy and sex both cause you to crave more, only one ends with a fitter, happier you.

Go ahead, treat yourself.