7 Reasons Teens Need Chores

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Not all parents give teens chores. Some parents worry their teen is too busy with school work and extra-curricular activities to worry about cleaning the house. Other parents have simply given up because their teen refuses to do chores.

Chores are an important part of growing up. Clearing the table, emptying the dishwasher, and vacuuming the rugs serve an important purpose. Here are six reasons that show why it’s important for teens to have chores:

1. Chores Teach Responsibility

Chores teach teens that they can’t always spend all their time doing whatever they feel like. Instead, they may have to do work, including unpleasant chores, when they’d rather be visiting with friends or watching TV.

2. Chores Teach Skills

Teens need to learn basic housekeeping skills – like how to do laundry and how to sanitize a bathroom. Consider rotating your teen’s chores regularly so your teen will develop knowledge of how to keep a house clean. These life skills will increase your teen’s independence.

3. Earning an Allowance Helps Teens Learn About Money

When you pay your teen for completing certain chores, it sets a foundation for what employers expect from employees – you have to do your job to earn your pay check. Don’t simply hand over cash every week if your teen hasn’t done his job. Help your teen learn skills to manage money wisely by teaching basic budgeting skills and establishing rules about spending.

4. Chores are Part of Being a Family

Your teen certainly doesn’t need to be paid for everything he does. Carrying his dish to the sink or putting his dirty clothes in the hamper isn’t necessarily worthy of financial rewards. Instead, instill in your teen that being part of a family means that everyone pitches in to do their share to help one another.

5. Chores Prepare Teens for the Working World

Chores can begin to instill a work ethic that is needed in the working world. Chores teach time management skills as teens figure out how to juggle responsibilities like homework and time with friends.

Chores can also teach teens how to work for someone else. When you evaluate their work and determine whether or not they’ve earned their allowance, the experience can prepare them to work for a boss down the road. 

6. Help from Your Teen Means More Time for You

If you’re doing all the work around the house, including picking up after your teen, you may grow resentful that all your spare time is spent doing household chores. If you elicit help from your teen to get things done around the house, you’ll feel more like a parent and less like a maid. It will also free your family up to spend quality time together.

7. Teens Gain a Sense of Accomplishment

Although most teens complain about doing chores – after all, vacuuming isn’t exactly fun – completing chores gives teens a sense of accomplishment.

A teen who regularly completes chores will begin to feel a sense of mastery and in increased sense of responsibility.

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