Benefits of Cloth Diapers

Row of Babies in Cloth Diapers
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Cloth diapering used to be the norm because - well, let's face it - that's what was available. As disposable diapers were invented and became popular, cloth diapering became something that not everyone did. Eventually it became thought of as more work for less benefit.

You've probably thought of many reasons why cloth diapering may not be for you. Perhaps the cost worries you. Maybe you're worried about messy diaper leaks from cloth diapers.

Or maybe you simply don't know enough about cloth diapers to even formulate an opinion. (This is actually where a lot of families fall - the last thing they heard about cloth diapers was when they wore them and great Aunt Edna put a diaper pin through their thigh.)

Cloth diapers have come a long way from rubber pants and diaper pins. Nowadays there are literally scores of choices, many do not use diaper pins at all. From simple all-in-ones (AIOs) to prefolds with wraps (no more diaper pins on most), there are tons of choices to keep your baby covered.

There are many benefits of cloth diapering. Here are some of the most often heard:

Cost Savings

Cloth diapers can cost a bit of money to get started, but in the long run cloth diaper users are often ahead of the game in expenditures. If you figure that the average newborn goes through 8-12 diapers a day, 6-8 diapers a day for an older baby, that can really add up at the cost of about $0.29 per disposable diaper, and rising.

Many families are even able to use a set of cloth diapers for more than one baby, which adds to the cost savings.

Better for Baby

Cloth diaper users tend to have less issue with diaper rash, irritated bottoms and other common complaints from disposable diaper parents. Fewer chemicals touch the baby's bottom and the less likely they are to be sensitive to cloth diapers.

This is also partially because you can control how and with what the diapers are washed, and no chemicals inside the diaper touch your baby. If you do have a sensitive baby, you can choose very natural, even organic, materials to use for the diapers that go on your baby.

Better for the Environment

This one will be hotly debated for some time, but in general it is established that cloth diapers don't take up room in landfills and take hundreds of years to break down. The reduce, reuse and recycle concept means less trash for the environment. This is compounded by the number of babies who use a set of cloth diapers. The more users, the fewer diapers used in general.

Less Time in Diapers

It has long been said that babies who use cloth diapers seem to potty train faster than those in disposable diapers. Many parents will tell you that they spent less time trying to potty train or educate their child about elimination communication (EC) when they used cloth diapers. It certainly can't hurt to try.


Okay, it's also important to look at cloth diapering as a fashion statement. Cloth diapers are cute! They come in fashion colors and prints. You can match outfits, or have signature colors.

You can even buy characters and have custom made diapers or diaper covers for your baby. Have fun with it!

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