5 Reasons to Complete Your Baby Registry Early

When should I complete my baby registry?

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Question: I am pregnant and due in six months. My friend asked me if I had already filled out my baby shower registry, but it seemed too early. When should I complete my baby registry?

A baby registry contains items that you hope to gather for your baby before your baby is born. It is filled with baby products that are chosen by you and your partner for your new baby and provides a guide for those who are invited to your baby shower or simply want to give your baby a gift with some items that you are wanting for baby.

Answer: Ideally you will begin to think about your baby registry in your first or second trimester. You may even have thought about it long before if you're a planner. You might worry about filling out your registry too early, but that really is not a problem. Here are some reasons that filling our your baby registry early is actually a good idea:

  1. Once you are registered, you get coupons.
    Many companies offer significant savings off various items on your gift registry. You will usually receive one large coupon for a large item (usually for purchases over $100). You will also be offered a variety of coupons for things on you registry that you asked for that have not sold yet. This can be a handy way to save money.
  2. You gain access to being able to add things more quickly online.
    Setting up the registry is usually the hardest part. This is best done in person. Typically you're given a scan gun and you walk around and scan items that you want to add. Once you have the basics, you can easily add more items online. This is handy as you learn more about baby care or find out about new products from your childbirth, newborn, or breastfeeding classes.
  1. It allows you to catalog what gifts you are getting versus what you still need.
    Lots of people do not like to acknowledge this fact, but you can view what has been purchased. It does not tell you who purchased it or when they intend to gift it to you, but it will tell you that three of the four baby towels you registered for have been purchased. As you get closer to welcoming your baby, this can make budgeting and planning easier.
  1. A baby registry is a great way to organize your needs.
    One thing that I liked to use my registry for was to add things that I wanted to remember. This might mean that I wasn't sure that I was going to purchase them, but allowed me to remember to read up on the product later. As long as you're fast in removing the unwanted items, I rarely had to return anything.
  2. You typically have a better return policy with items purchased off your registry.
    If someone buys you something on a registry, you can more easily return it to that store if it was purchased on a registry. This is not always true but more often than not you may get extra time to return it and fewer hassles.

Some other things to keep in mind when thinking about your baby registry:

These are things that should be reflected in your baby registry.

Ideally you will begin to fill out your baby registry so that it is completed in the early part of the third trimester.

This gives your guests to your baby shower time to shop if they are using your baby registry. You might intend to do it in one day and find that it takes several trips as you do your research on baby products. This is fine. Many stores also allow you to add items online once your baby registry is started. This is great for moms on bed rest.

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