Short Period and Other Reasons to Take a Pregnancy Test

Pregnancy Test Instructions
Short Period and Other Reasons to Take a Pregnancy Test. Photo © The Image Bank/Getty

If you are trying to get pregnant, there may not be any reason to really talk to you about when to take a pregnancy test. In fact, perhaps I should be explaining why you shouldn’t take a pregnancy test every few days during the two-week wait. That said, there are many people who conceive that were not trying to get pregnant.

When you are in the early part of your pregnancy, everything is very sensitive.

Remember, that your baby will have all major organ systems formed by 12 weeks after your last period, making this time period critical. If someone isn’t trying to get pregnant or doesn’t know they are pregnant, they may not make the best decisions that they may have made had they known. Think about it in terms of prenatal vitamins, food choices, and yes, even the avoidance of alcohol and other harmful substances to a new pregnancy. A quick pregnancy test can change the behaviors that you’re currently doing to make your pregnancy safer.

Here are some reasons you should take a pregnancy test:

Your Period is Late

This one may seem obvious, but there are a large number of women out there who choose not to take a pregnancy test when they think their period is late. Some may be trying to avoid the false positives from early miscarriages (chemical pregnancy), but others simply think that they are late for a reason other than pregnancy.

There are reasons that your period is late and don’t involve pregnancy.

Your Period was Weird

Sometimes, our bodies behave oddly when we’re pregnant. This can make your period come but in a different than normal manner. It might be late or light. It might be heavy but short. It might only be spotting.

A short period might mean you're pregnant. These can all be signs of a pregnancy. The only way to sort out the pregnancy from the rest of the reasons would be to take a pregnancy test. Sometimes what a woman mistakes for her period is really what we call implantation bleeding, a slight bleeding that occurs and the baby implants into your uterus.

You Feel Pregnant

Whether or not your period is late, you may just have a feeling that you are pregnant. Perhaps you have had a dream about pregnancy or you aren’t feeling quite right in the mornings. Many moms tell me that, even before they missed their period, they knew they were pregnant because something was off. Now, not everyone can put a figure on what makes them feel like they are pregnant, sometimes it’s a funky sense of smell, aversions to food or even something like now hating a once beloved coffee. Everyone’s body reacts differently to pregnancy. One word of advice is that the early pregnancy tests aren’t always great at being positive.

Before Medical Tests or Surgery

You will also be required to take a pregnancy test before most major medical procedures or surgery. This is done as a precaution to ensure the safety of a potential pregnancy. This happens when anyone is of childbearing age, even if they are not trying to get pregnant. Before you think that this is useless, having worked in a medical office that did surgeries, you’d be surprised the number of times I got to explain to someone that wasn’t expecting it that they were pregnant.

If the pregnancy test is negative you may want to talk to someone, like your partner or a friend. Perhaps, you are glad it was negative. This may be a wake-up call to make different decisions.

Once you get a positive pregnancy test, you may have a lot of questions. You will want to learn what’s going on with your baby, select a care provider, and decide how to share the good news and when to do it.

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