5 Reasons to Wait Until Birth to Name Your Baby

Couple with newborn
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While many families find out the sex of their baby before birth, the decision to give the baby name before birth is one that is independent of finding out if you are having a girl or a boy. Some families will tell you that they decided long before they got pregnant. One mother shared, “My husband and I actually talked about baby names we liked on our first date. So we have had our names selected for a very long time.”

Other families choose to wait until they find out if they are having a girl or a boy, choosing to announce the sex of the baby by announcing a name. This is yet another example of baby naming sharing prior to birth. Though it’s not the sharing that can be challenging for most, but the actual name selection. Here are five reasons you may want to wait to name your baby.

  1. Surprise! It’s a… Many families have decided that they have a name for the baby once they know the baby is a girl or a boy. The problem is, there are a few times when the ultrasound is wrong and the baby boy you were expecting turns out to be a baby girl. Rose shared that this happened to her, “I was expecting a girl. When my family greeted the baby by using a girl’s name, the nurse said, ‘He’s not going to like that name.’”
  2. Baby’s Personality Doesn’t Match Name  While it is impossible to truly know your baby’s personality in just a few days, you can certainly have at least some idea. Your Grace may sound great but after seeing your baby, you know that Piper is a much better selection for the activity level or general attitude of the baby. (Yes, babies can have attitudes!)
  1. You Need to Think Longer for a Good Name  Perhaps you are waiting to name your baby because you have not come up with a baby name that you like or one that you and your partner can agree on. This might be more on the agreement than the actual list of names, but either way, the outcome is the same – you don’t have a name for the baby. Typically a day or two with the baby can have one or the other figuring out what will work for them. Or maybe, after labor, you are just given the bragging rights.
  1. The Name Doesn’t Feel Right After a Few Days  Baby name regret is real. Many parents seek out name changes for small infants and children every year. So, by waiting a few days to submit the paperwork for the birth certificate, you might save yourself some second-guessing, paperwork, and some money. (Name changes aren’t free!) If you are undecided, try using a name for a few hours, switching the name you use for the baby every few hours. I know many parents who find this to be very helpful in picking a baby name.
  2. It’s Your Culture or Tradition  There are also some cultures or religions that prefer to wait to name the baby. In Judaism, boys are named on the eighth day, and girls are named two weeks or more after birth. While some families choose to use this naming ceremony only for the Hebrew name given to the baby, many also use it to announce the baby’s English name and meaning at the ceremony. This also allows families to try out names before birth.

One thing to keep in mind when naming your baby is that even if you do decide on a name way before your baby is born, you are not locked into the name, nor do you have to announce the name prior to the birth of your baby. That can wait, whether you are 100% certain or not.

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