6 Reasons Why the 1st Trimester of Pregnancy Sucks

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I mostly like being pregnant. I have eight children, so it’s not a horrible surprise that I find pregnancy to be at least tolerable. That said, not all trimesters are created equally. While I am fond of saying that the first trimester is usually the shortest, in terms of how long you know about the pregnancy, it can also feel like the longest trimester.

So, I thought I would get it off my chest about how I feel about the first trimester, and when I started considering it, I realized there are reasons behind why I hold these feelings so close to my heart.

Let’s see if you can relate:

  1. You don’t look pregnant. I know. You aren’t supposed to look pregnant. But it sort of sucks that at one of the times you are most excited about being pregnant, there is no visible outward sign of your pregnancy. (I really do not recommend positive pregnancy test jewelry. Though I am not above a good-natured early pregnancy t-shirt.)
  2. You might feel like crap. This sort of goes along with the previous one, I mean, if you have to feel gross and sickly, can’t you at least look a bit pregnant? I felt like I spent most of my first trimester looking hung over from insomnia, and constant nausea and vomiting. My husband offered to make me that non-good natured t-shirt that said something like: I’m not hung over, just pregnant.
  3. You worry. While you worry all through pregnancy, and it really doesn’t stop afterwards, these early weeks and months are really hard. You don’t see your practitioner typically until the very end of the trimester. You can’t count fetal kicks. You can’t really look in and see how the baby is doing in a practical way. It’s a guessing game.
  1. You have an active imagination. Pregnancy hormones can make even the most uncreative person have a wild imagination and/or crazy dreams. This isn’t always a bad thing, sometimes vivid dreams are really good dreams, if you know what I mean. But then you can also be plagued with bizarre dreams about giving birth to cats or aliens, or having chickens follow you around. I mean seriously, between insomnia, fatigue, and morning sickness, who has time for mad up crap?
  1. All the symptoms you have mimic your period. Seriously. Think about it. Feeling bloated? That pregnancy OR your period. Feeling like you could start your period any minute? Also, a sign of both. Headaches? Fatigue? Weepy? These symptoms are all pregnancy, PMS, or menstruation related and you can’t often tell what’s a “good” sign and what isn’t.
  2. You can’t really do anything. This is perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of early pregnancy. Even if you knew that you had something to worry about, like signs of miscarriage, they may not really mean anything, and even if they did, you can’t do a damned thing about it. This is so frustrating for moms and for their practitioners.

The truth is, its about eight weeks, two months, or 56 days of limbo if you ask me. I once told an obstetrician that I really wished I could be put to sleep for the remainder of the first trimester and wake up when I could feel the baby move. Her response? “Robin, that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard you say…”

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