6 Reasons You May Need to Plan Conception

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To plan conception around your work or school is not a foreign concept. While​ certainly, it does not always work out that you can plan conception easily if you can and it is helpful. there is no reason that you shouldn't try to plan conception for your next baby to give you more time with baby after birth. Here are some of the more common reasons people give for trying to plan conception:

  • Work Schedules
    The work schedules may belong to you or your partner, but easing around certain work place commitments or changes can make timing of conception important. Perhaps one of you has a job where you have more flexibility at a certain point or a call schedule that is lighter at a particular time of the year, this would be a good time to plan to have a baby.​
  • Breaks in School
    The obvious reason that many people would try to schedule their baby's birth would be around naturally occurring vacation. This is a great way to try to increase the amount of time that you might have off to care for your newborn. Think of teachers who may have fewer responsibilities in the summer. By planning a baby born at the end of the school year, your maternity leave would extend naturally into summer break. The same may be true to a lesser extent, of winter breaks.​
  • Other Children's Birthdays
    You may wish to time conception to allow a certain amount of time to have passed or a certain level of closeness between siblings. For example, you may wish to have all of your children two years apart in age.​
  • Projects/Volunteer Commitments
    Big commitments can cause you to want to time the conception of your baby to a point when you'd have time to finish your project and nurture your pregnancy and baby. This is frequently true of big projects. Think of long term projects that are ongoing for years.​
  • Vacation
    If you intend to use vacation time for maternity or paternity leave, you may have to take it at a scheduled time or at a time when others at your place of employment aren't on vacation. This can mean planning around these schedules when possible.​
  • When You Have Help
    You may also time your conception to give birth when someone in your family is off of work or school to help you with the new baby. Though, some families supplement this with postpartum doula support.

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