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If your family is like my family, you have a collection of recipes for kids. Below you will find indexes of recipes for kids that include fun recipes for crafting with original bath salts recipes, all types of food recipes that kids like to make and eat, pizza favorites and much more. I created this recipe list for families with kids and teens back in 1997, the first index of its kind on the internet.

Many of the recipes I use with my own family and are original ideas. Other recipes are just my favorites and some that have been shared by other parents who visit our parenting teens site. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Camping Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Camping is an activity our family really enjoys doing. We like to go away, but if that isn't possible we can camp right in our back yard as we have a fire pit and tents to use. Because of this and a lot of Girl Scout experience, I have a lot of camping recipes and fun food tricks to share.
  • Lunch Box Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Many kids and teens go all day without eating a meal because school lunches aren't healthful or appetizing. You can help your older kids and teens eat a good lunch by providing food that they will want to eat. Here is our growing list of recipes for your kids' lunches.
  • Pizza Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Yum... pizza! What other food is there when you are a teen? These days pizzas can have almost anything on them as a topping, so try some new and fun pizza making ideas with your family. Here you will find out list of creative pizza recipes. Want a fun activity for your teen and get dinner made in the bargain? Buy pizza crusts with multiple fixings and see what they make for you.
  • Snacks Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Useful and fun growing list of kids snack recipes for your older kids and teens to enjoy making and eating. Includes healthy snacks, easy to make snacks and fun snacks for your teen's parties.
  • Thanksgiving Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Recipes that kids love to gobble, gobble up!
  • Valentine's Day Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Teen Valentine's Day fun and parties need Valentine food or treats that say 'I love you!'. Make them for a party or for your family dinner. Enjoy our collection of Valentine's Day recipes for kids and teens.
  • Vegetable Recipes for Kids and Teens
    Vegetables are often hard for kids and teens to learn to eat but these recipes will help you give them something that they enjoy eating and you know is healthy for them.
  • Other Fun Recipes and Craft Projects
    Dough recipes, soap crayons and more fun craft recipes index.

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