Recommit to Quit Smoking

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Something about leaving an old year behind and looking ahead at the clean slate of a new one inspires most of us to try. We think about making lasting positive changes in our lives, and we do it with hope and enthusiasm.

However, when that feeling of excitement fades within days or weeks, resolutions are often forgotten in favor of familiar habits. We feel guilty about giving up, but comfort ourselves with the vague promise to try again soon.

Change is Hard for Most People

Changing how we live takes work and is uncomfortable until new habits become ingrained in our daily routine. As humans however, we're equipped to adapt to any change of our choosing, regardless of how long a behavior has been with us. So, don't despair -- you have what it takes to quit smoking successfully within you. It's just a matter of tapping into it and building your resolve, and your quit program, one simple day at a time.

If your plan to quit smoking for New Years failed and you're already looking ahead to January first of next year as a possible quit date, use the information below to get back on track. There is truly no time like the present to quit smoking, so take some time now to refresh your resolve and make the rest of this year count.

Revisit Your Reasons

By focusing your thoughts on your own personal reasons for quitting, you are laying the foundation for successful smoking cessation.

It all starts in your mind, and once you get your thoughts moving in the right direction, taking action will come more easily.

Review What You're In For

From headaches to intestinal discomforts, symptoms of nicotine withdrawal can leave you feeling out-of-sorts.

It may feel like your day is one long, continual urge for a cigarette. But if you pay close attention, you'll notice that most cravings to smoke last only three to five minutes.

Take a Deep Breath and Dive In

While some preparation is a good idea when you decide to quit smoking, it's easy to over-think it to the point of paralysis. Don't let that happen to you. Spend a little time reviewing the content above, sign up for the free email course below and get acquainted with our support forum here at Smoking Cessation.

Once that's done, pick your quit date (within the next couple of weeks at most), and get started. Don’t worry that you feel shaky and unsure of yourself. Be patient and follow the steps outlined here. They will help you turn that shakiness into a strength of purpose that will bring you the lasting freedom you're looking for.

Remember, you do have what it takes to quit smoking successfully within you right now.

Believe in yourself and do the work to put smoking behind you once and for all. And just think...if you quit smoking now, you'll have 6 months of smoke-free time under your belt when New Year's rolls around again. For once, you'll be able to focus on making a resolution that doesn't involve quitting smoking. Imagine that!

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