Recovering From Surgery With Fibromyalgia

FrareDavis Photography/Getty Images

It's been four days since my gallbladder surgery.  The doctor said "most people" need 3-5 days to be back up and around.  It no surprise, then, that I'm nowhere near that recovered.

At the point when I should be about back to normal, I can finally get up from a chair on my own, go slowly up and down stairs, and lift my right arm nearly to shoulder height.  However, I can't stand up straight, go more than 4 hours without pain meds, or lay on my side.

  My husband has to go back to work Monday, and I think that'll be too soon.  I may need to arrange for someone to take my kids to school because I doubt I'll be able to drive.

Most of us with fibromyalgia, as well as those with chronic fatigue syndrome, are slow healers.  Some researchers believe we have problems in the tiny building blocks of cells, called mitochondria, which leads to a slower process of cellular healing.

Even small scratches on my arms can take forever to heal, so the 5 small incisions on my abdomen still look fairly fresh. That's in spite of doing everything I can to promote healing.

In many ways, though, my recovery is atypical for a fibromite.  It's definitely been a test of my remission.

Sure, I've had pain, and lots of it.  However, it's all related to the surgery.  I haven't gone back to fibro pain randomly bouncing around my abdomen, or the body-clenching all-over muscle spasms that I used to get when I was in a lot of pain.

  And while I've been mentally out of it due to fatigue and a much higher dose of pain meds than I'm used to, I haven't had true brain fog.  I believe my remission is holding.  We'll see if it can outlast my slow healing.

I've upped the supplements that can help with healing (lysine, carnitine, magnesium, vitamin D) and I'm making sure to get a lot of sleep.

  Fortunately, I'm sleeping a whole lot better than usual!  I wouldn't mind if that stuck around for awhile.

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