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Light and Flexible

Reebok ZQuick Shoes
Reebok ZQuick Shoes. Wendy Bumgardner ©

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Reebok ZQuick shoes are built for speed. Whether you just want to get in a quick walking or running workout, or you want to work on improving your speed, they aspire to be high-performance Z-Rated tires for your feet.

ZQuick shoes are very lightweight and they have no motion-control elements, so they are best for those who are not over-pronators. In many ways, they are a minimalist shoe, yet I found they had more cushioning than most shoes in that class.

My feet didn't feel naked and unprotected as they do in many barefoot/minimalist designs.

  • Lightweight: The size 9.5 shoe weighs only 8.4 ounces. These shoes won't weigh down your feet.
  • Flat: There is only the slightest drop from heel to toe. That is a great profile for walkers, as we should be striking the ground with the heel and don't want a built-up heel.
  • Flexible: The sole is very flexible under the toe area, with geometrically sliced grooves that give better "traction and handling" throughout your step. The flexibility means that your foot isn't fighting the shoe with each step. Instead, the shoe is moving with the foot.

No-Sew Glove-like Uppers
I love the cozy feel of the ZQuick shoes. They have a no-sew upper, meaning there are no seams anywhere except around the tongue. The upper gets structure from the NanoWeb PU cast, which appears like a net around the midfoot. That allows for maximum breathability as well as being lightweight.

But it adds enough structure and support for the foot that you don't feel unprotected.

The tongue is made of a stretchy, foam-like fabric to give padding without weight. It is also fully attached so it won't slide around. There is a sock-like bootie lining around the ankle which should also help keep out trail debris.

I usually buy wide shoes, but these shoes come only in one width. The toe box was wide enough for me and didn't irritate my bunion. The fit was close enough that I could only wear thin socks with these shoes. But with the close fit, my toes and foot never felt constricted.

The lacing pattern was standard, although without an extra set of holes to do any fancy lacing patterns. I was able to get a good fit at the ankle to keep my feet from sliding forward in the shoe.

Performance Last and Sole
Reebok ZQuick shoes are built on a new shoe last designed to allow the foot to move naturally while still remaining stable. The sole is grooved in both directions to allow the foot to expand and contract throughout the step and still maintain traction and control.

Unlike many of the minimalist shoes I've tried, I felt like my feet were protected from the ground, yet I still had a good feel of the surface.

The shoes have only light cushioning, but again they feel like they have more than many minimalist designs.

I've rejected wearing many shoes because my feet need at least a little cushioning, even for shorter workouts.

The soles feature CRTek high abrasion rubber in key wear areas, and buyers generally rate them as more durable than expected.

Trying Out ZQuick Shoes
I wore the ZQuick shoes for my 15-minute walking workouts, which I like to do at a fast pace. The shoes felt great. They have a unique combination of being very light weight, yet they feel stable. I think they live up to their promise of good performance and control.

I would use these regularly for workouts when you are working on speed, and I think they are best for workouts of 15 minutes to one hour. For longer walks and workouts, I need more cushioning.
How to Walk Faster

The shoes were very comfortable for wearing all day.

Snazzy Colors
I got a pair that are labeled as pink/navy/white. They are a shockingly bright neon salmon pink-orange, which is actually very desirable for visibility -- like a safety vest for your feet. But they also come in a very lovely violet, a nice grey/violet combo and black.

Are These Right for You?
Before you buy a lightweight, neutral shoe you should check to see whether you are an overpronator who needs a motion control shoe. If you usually walk or run longer distances, you may feel less fatigue and strain if you wear a shoe with more cushioning.
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