Reflections on Motherhood

Newborn baby looking at mom
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Mother's Day is a great time to reflect on the process of becoming a mother. As we entertain thoughts of becoming pregnant and throughout the pregnancy we deal with different issues related to parenting. Then the realization hits us, and we are mothers.

Here is what a group of women had to say about becoming mothers:

  • "It was the most wonderful feeling! All through the pregnancy, I would wonder about what type of mother I would become, would be it be harder or easier than I had heard. All I can say was that it was so neat..." Laura, first baby 4 months old
  • "My mother and I had such a hard time growing up, I really dreaded having a girl. When the nurses said, ‘It's a girl." I actually found myself feeling a bit down, even after the labor and birth. Then I realized, I had the power to change and to have the relationship that I wanted, I didn't have to repeat my mother's mistakes." Pauline, first baby 3 years old, expecting second in October
  • "Be yourself!" Keitha, mother of five
  • "Parenting has been a challenge for me. I really thought a baby would fit nicely into my schedule. I quickly realized my schedule had to adjust to the baby as well. It's all a give and take. I love being a mother!" Georgia, first baby 16 months old
  • "It's such an awesome responsibility! Every single decision I make can possibly affect the rest of his life. Take mothering very seriously." Tanya, first child 9 months old
  • "Throw all the books away, they can't help you. It's true when they say that you have instincts. As a lawyer, I knew about instincts and work, and I never saw myself as the ‘motherly' type. But hey, even I have the mothering touch, and if I can do it anyone can." Amanda, first children 23 months, due with her third in December
  • "It wasn't the natural process I thought it would be. I had to actually work on my feelings of being a mom. It was awkward and messy. I love it but it was hard. No one talks about that part of it." Robin, mother of four
  • "No one prepared me for how wonderful it could be at times. It was work, but that's all anyone ever really talked about. I actually wound up enjoying it more than I thought I would, particularly because I wasn't a baby person. I thought I would be pretty miserable until the kid was at least three or four years old." Amanda, mother of a 9-month-old
  • "I always knew I wanted to be a mother. I just didn't have any real grasp on what that would look like. I imagined that I would have a bunch of kids, one every year or so. I had one girl and one boy, instead. It would up being just right." Carolyn, mother of two