Reflective Gear for Running at Night

Be Visible When Running in the Dark

Some runners find their only time to run is in the darkness of early morning or evening. If you're running in the early morning or at night, even at dusk, you should always make sure you have reflective gear on. Here are some recommendations for runners' reflective gear.

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest

Nathan Streak Reflective Vest
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This incredibly lightweight, comfortable reflective vest is uniquely shaped, allowing for a full range of motion when you're running in the dark. The large reflective strips will make you visible from all sides and as far away as 1,200 feet. The vest is made of a breathable mesh material, contains reflective pockets for storing small items and has an adjustable fitting. More »

Brooks Reflective Vest

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With high-visibility fabric and reflectivity, this reflective vest from Brooks allows traffic to see you from any angle for increased safety. Plus, it's water- and wind-resistant, yet highly breathable, so your core stays comfortable, dry and thermally balanced in changing weather conditions. Buy from Amazon »

Nathan's Flash Reflective Compression Vest

Nathan's Flash Reflective Compression Vest
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This vest fits snuggly around your torso and provides 1200 foot visibility. It has 360 degree visibility with 400 candlepower reflectivity. The vest also has large reflective patches and a unique shape to allow for full range of motion. Buy from Amazon »

Jogalite Reflective Armband

Jogalite Armband
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These reflective arm bands are a great way to add more visibility to your running outfits. Buy from Amazon »

IllumiNITE Hats

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IllumiNITE hats feature a reflective material that helps motorists see runners in the dark. Unlike reflective strips and trims, illumiNITE products reflects back a silhouette profile that is easily recognizable as a distinctive human shape. The illumiNITE retro-reflective technology embeds millions of microscopic satellite dishes into the weave of the fabric. These dishes act like mirrors to reflect back to the original light source. Whether you're running in cold or warm weather, there are illumiNITE hats for all different types of weather.

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Lite & Motion Head-Lite Running Hat

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If you prefer a hat with a light, this Lite & Motion Head-Lite running hat features a built-in, lightweight, ultra bright LED light that turns on and off with a push of a button. The hat is white with reflective material, providing increased night-time visibility and safety. Mesh side panels allow for increased breathability and superior evaporative cooling. More »

Runner's Reflective Gift Pack

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If you want to show the runners in your life you care about them, get them this runner's reflective gift pack, complete with an orange reflectovest, two lime reflective legbands, and lime reflective hot spots and tape.

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