Regurgitating Food and Reflux

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Child holding hand over mouth looking at a plate of food
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Is your child experiencing symptoms similar to this child?

I have a 13-year-old daughter who has in the last couple of months starting regurgitating her food fairly regularly. Almost every time she eats, no matter the amount. At first, we just said gross that happens sometimes. Now it seems a little too often. She is not vomiting really. It's about a handful. She is healthy otherwise and certainly is not doing it on purpose. Now she is very nervous to eat at school. What in the world is going on? Perplexed in Pennsylvania

That isn't a normal symptom, so she likely needs further evaluation by your Pediatrician and/or a Pediatric Gastroenterologist.

She may have bad reflux, a hiatal hernialĀ or other problem that is causing her stomach to empty slowly.

  • Is it worse after eating certain foods, including fatty foods, fried foods, chocolate, or caffeine?
  • Does she have any other symptoms, such as pain or difficulty swallowing foods, a hoarse voice, or chest pain?
  • Is she overweight?

These are some of the questions your Pediatrician may ask to help sort out what is causing her to regurgitate her food so often. An upper GI test (barium swallow) might also be helpful.

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