Resistance Band Workout with WIMBERLEAN

6 Exercises with Resistance Bands At-Home

Jason Wimberley/WIMBERLEAN

This workout is designed and executed by Jason Wimberly. Jason is a Los Angeles-based celebrity personal trainer, top-level Equinox Instructor, and master trainer for Revolution Studios. With over 10 years’ experience in the fitness industry, Jason has taught over 3500 sold-out classes across the country and keeps many of Hollywood’s elite looking their best. WIMBERLEAN is his signature movement and DVD and launched in 2014 with a focus on creating long, lean bodies by utilizing his former training as a professional ballet dancer.

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Balancing Lat Pull Down with Curtsy Lunge

Jason Wimberley/WIMBERLEAN

Targets: Shoulders, back, core, legs, glutes

  • Using a medium resistance band clenched in your fists, pull the band apart so it is in line with your shoulders, reaching over head.
  • Already you will feel your deltoids and traps engaged as you pull the band apart constantly. 
  • Now lift your right foot into a parallel passé, bringing it up to your other knee. 
  • As you cross the right foot back into a curtsy lunge, pull your left elbow down and wide into a deep lat pull down. Make sure you right arm, or supporting arm, stays completely straight and engaged as you pull down with your left elbow.
  • Return to starting position and repeat 15 times each side.

Traveling Squat with Row

Jason Wimberley/WIMBERLEAN

Targets: Legs, Glutes, Core, Biceps, Back

  • Using your heaviest band around your wrists, and your medium band around your ankles, reach forward, pulling the band apart as you open your legs and sit into a deep squat position.
  • Always work to keep your shoulders away from your ears, and the band pulling wide as you reach.
  • Ensure your knees stay behind your toes as you sit back.
  • As you step your feet back together pull your elbows close to your body and behind you, engaging your biceps and back as you squeeze.
  • Open your squat to the other side to complete the rep and repeat for 10-15 times on each side.

Balancing Lunge with Triceps Press

Targets: Core, legs, triceps

  • Begin by wrapping your medium to light band around the middle of your hands. Crossing your left hand over your shoulder, bring the right into a 90 degree bend and lift the right leg into a parallel passé yet again.
  • As you step back into a deep lunge on the right, keeping the front knee behind your toes, simultaneously stretch the bent right arm and extend into a tricep extension. Take special care to keep your wrist straight and your arm in line with your shoulder, not allowing it to pull across the center of your body.
  • Simultaneously return to the passé balance, and only bring the working arm to 90 degrees to keep the band tight the whole time.
  • Continue 15 reps before switching sides

Rear Leg Extension

Jason Wimberley/WIMBERLEAN

Targets: Hamstring, Glutes

Seemingly less difficult than other WIMBERLEAN moves, don't be fooled. This one is all about tempo. Try and have your extension have an even and slow 2 counts out, and 2 counts in, never allowing the band to "snap" back in.

  • Starting on all fours, wrap your medium to heavy band around the middle of your feet. Engage your center, and kick one leg slowly out behind you with a flexed foot.
  • Keep the knee off the floor as you lower in slowly, then extend the heel back out as long as you can again.
  • Go for 20 reps on each side, engaging your core and pulling your shoulders down away from your ears.

Bridge with Leg Extension

Jason Wimberley/WIMBERLEAN

Targets: Core, Hamstrings, Glutes, Legs

A bridge of any kind can set the back of the leg on fire, but don't forget it's a core move as well, as the movement starts from your center.

  • Start on your back with your feet on the floor, hip distance apart.
  • Wrapping your medium band around the lower part of your quads, push your heels to the floor as your raise your hips to the sky.
  • Holding your hips high, raise one leg to a ninety degree table top, pointing the toe.
  • As you extend the same leg long and down to the floor, flex your foot and push through the opposite heel digging into the ground.
  • Bring the same leg back to ninety and repeat 15 times per side.

WIMBERLEAN Signature Move: Traveling Lunge and Curtsy with Shoulder Press

Jason Wimberley/WIMBERLEAN

Targets: Glutes, Legs, Core, Shoulders

  • Use your heaviest band wrapped around your wrists. Always work to keep your arms pulling apart and in line with your shoulders. This will engage the rear deltoid as you move, and help create a contraction through your core.
  • With the band in place, step left as you let the arms follow the foot.
  • Immediately lift the opposite knee high and twist the arms and upper body quickly over the knee for a big oblique twist.
  • Place the foot down letting the arms follow, then lift the back leg to step into a curtsy lunge as you reach the arms wide and high overhead.
  • Bring the back foot up from the lunge and immediately step left again as wide as you can. Repeat for 10 times each side.

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