Resources and Websites for Testicular Cancer

Overall, testicular cancer is not very common. It ranks only 25th amongst all cancer types. However, it is the most common type of solid cancer in men between 15-35 years old. This article, as the title suggests, is meant to provide resources for anyone who is faced with testicular cancer or simply wants to know more.

Articles on Verywell

  • Signs and Symptoms of Testicular Cancer - Information regarding signs and symptoms of testicular cancer as well as benign causes of testicular problems.
  • Causes and Risk Factors for Testicular Cancer - Why does testicular cancer occur in the first place? What are the risk factors and what can be done to decrease the risk?
  • Types of Testicular Cancer - Testicular cancer is not all one entity. There are many different types and each one has different implications as far as treatment and prognosis are concerned.
  • Tumor Markers for Testicular Cancer - Blood tests can determine if certain tumor markers are present in significant quantities. Check here to see what significance their presence has in both diagnosis, staging, and treatment.
  • Clinical Trials for Testicular Cancer - What are clinical trials and when are they indicated for someone with testicular cancer?
  • Surgery for Testicular Cancer - The radical orchiectomy is the standard surgery for testicular cancer. Find out more about it here. 

Resources on Other Sites