Resources for a Healthy Low-Carb Lent

Tips for a Low-Carb and Sugar-Free Lent

Most Lenten traditions include fish or other seafood. Tetra images/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Do you follow certain food traditions for Lent? Perhaps you forgo meat on certain days, or animal products altogether. There's no doubt that the tendency is to substitute high-carbohydrate foods in place of the protein, but it needn't be that way. What a shame it would be to end a time of prayer and abstinence heavier than you started! Here are tips for a low-carb and sugar-free Lent.

Low-Carb Lenten Tip #1: Eat Enough Protein

Many Lenten traditions have days of abstaining from meat and sometimes animal products (although fish is allowed in Catholic traditions and seafood on some days in Orthodox traditions).

There shouldn't be a problem getting enough protein following a vegetarian or vegan diet, but if you're new to eating this way, it's a good idea to pay attention. Check Out:

Low-Carb Lenten Tip #2: Eat More Fat

One thing to do when cutting back on protein is to eat more fat, rather than add carbs. For example, if your tradition allows it, add more olive oil to your salads, or drizzle it some over vegetables. Avocados, nuts (including nut butters), seeds, and coconut are all healthy sources of fats. If it fits with your tradition, you can add butter as well.

Low-Carb Lenten Tip #3: Eat More Vegetables

Adding lots of non-starchy vegetables is a healthy way to complete your low-carb lenten meals (as well as the rest of the year). Here's some info and recipes.

Are You Giving Up Sugar for Lent? Here's How!

Sugar is a great thing to abstain from any time! I have lots of resources on this site for cutting back on sugar in your life, including.

More Resources for a Low-Carb Lent