Retraining the Brain - Dee's Story

Dee's 3 Year Smoke-Free Milestone


I don’t make it to the forum as much as I have in the past and when I do it’s usually to see what interesting conversations are taking place, acknowledge milestones when I can and to keep track of some of my special little newbies! Geeeezz newbies? I'm getting old, these kids are now sporting KEYS!

I am so proud that we continue to reach out to all that come, providing the non-judgmental nurturing support that is the hallmark of our forum.

It is also a pleasure to see the magnificent diversity of our forum and to witness the changing of the seasons of experience that naturally promotes breaths of new ideas and energy. I think it’s great that after 3 years I can still feel the rhythm and harmony of the forumily as I drop in from time to time to give my opinionated 2 cents worth!

I'm very far removed from any cravings or need for a cigarette. However, I still find that the lesson I learned about “one day at a time” and living in the moment is an appropriate lesson for all aspects of my life.

As I sit here with a stuffy head cold (the brain fog kinda reminds me of the first few weeks of quitting cold turkey when 2 plus 2 equaled 7) I’m trying to think of what I can tell you that is true and real about my journey...OK here’s the real deal.

  • You can be real about the down side, the physical, emotional and mental discomfort of quitting without constantly lingering in a negative state of mind. People will get sick and tired of you real quick! Sometimes you just have to fake it.
  • Your quit cannot be something that just happens too you. Half hearted attempts will must own it, cherish it and protect it!
  • You will be extremely lucky and blessed if you don’t experience any discomfort. In the end I can honestly tell you that the few months of discomfort is so worth it! Heck I smoked 32 years...what’s 4 months?
  • The brain has to be retrained...a big heart alone wont make it.
  • You can't put life on hold while you quit. The good, the bad and the ugly will still happen.
  • If you program yourself for failure you will fail. Dismiss 'Junkie Thinking" immediately, to linger there is asking for trouble.
  • Reach out and offer a kind word of support to others, the more you do the more it reinforces your own quit.
  • By giving up smoking you are not losing a darn thing. You are being given a wonderful gift, a second chance to live a healthy life.
  • There are no excuses for picking up a cigarette. It is a deliberate act that you must own.
  • The pride, the feeling of empowerment, self worth and freedom can put you in a state of bliss, pure joy!

Being able to quit smoking has changed me in many ways. I have more patience, more empathy and peace within. This is what I wish for you all!

A special thanks to all my forum family and best wishes to you for your continued success!

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