Reusable Nursing Pads

7 Brands And Styles Of Eco-friendly, Washable Breast Pads

What Are Reusable Nursing Pads?

Reusable or washable nursing pads are one of the helpful products designed for breastfeeding women. Made out of soft, absorbent materials, they soak up the breast milk from leaky breasts. When placed in your bra, these pads can protect your clothing from embarrassing leaks and stains. And, since they can be washed and worn over and over again, reusable breast pads are better for the environment, and they can save you more money when compared to disposable nursing pads

Change And Wash Your Breast Pads Often

If you choose reusable nursing pads, you should purchase a few pairs. You will need to change and wash your breast pads frequently, so you should have extra pads on hand to last you between washes. It's important to wash your breast pads and allow them to dry thoroughly after every use.

Whenever your breast pads become soiled or wet, change them. Damp pads that lay on your breasts for an extended amount of time can cause skin irritation and sore nipples. The warm, moist environment is also the perfect place for yeast and bacteria to grow. This growth of bacteria and yeast can lead to thrush or a breast infection.

7 Brands And Styles Of Reusable Nursing Pads 

Washable nursing pads are available in white as well as other colors and patterns. They can be round, heart-shaped, flat, or contoured to fit the shape of your body.  Most reusable breast pads can handle light leaking.  For heavy leaking, you can place two or more pads together, or you can choose a thicker pad made for overnight use. Here are a few brands and styles of reusable nursing pads that are available.

Bamboobies Regular Nursing Pads

Washable, Reusable Heart-shaped breast pads by bamboobies.
Bamboobies Ultra-Thin Regular Washable Nursing Pads. Bamboobies Used With Permission

These soft, absorbent, ultra-thin pads are great for light leaking. Made from natural materials, they have a unique heart shape that makes them virtually invisible under your nursing clothes. The outer layer stops leaks, the inner layers soak up breast milk, and the top layer of bamboo rayon feels silky smooth against your skin. You can put your bamboobies into the washing machine and the dryer.  The more you wash them, the softer they become. They are available in sets of 2 and 6 or in combination packs that include both regular and overnight pads.  Buy from Amazon »

Bamboobies Overnight Washable Pads

Bamboobies Washable Overnight Nursing Pads
Bamboobies Washable Overnight Nursing Pads. Bamboobies Used With Permission

Designed for heavier leaking these overnight pads from bamboobies are washable and reusable. Just like the regular nursing pads, these pads are made from natural hemp, cotton, and bamboo rayon velour. They are just as soft, but they're thicker and more absorbent. These overnight pads are great for preventing leaks while you sleep.  They can also handle the newborn phase of milk adjustment and an overabundant milk supply. You can purchase these pads in pairs of  2  or 4. They are also available in a combination pack with regular, ultra-thin bamboobies. More »

Kushies Washable Nursing Pads

Kushies 100% cotton reusable, washable nursing pads
Kushies Washable Nursing Pads. Kushies Used With Permission

Kushies Washable Nursing Pads are 100% cotton flannel. These contoured, comfortable pads are reusable, breathable, comfortable and absorbent. They are 5 inches across and available in packs of 6.  The Kushies brand also offers a 100% organic version of their washable nursing pads.   More »

Ameda Reusable Contoured Breast Pads

Ameda washable, reusable breastfeeding breast pads.
Ameda Reusable Contoured Breast Pads. Ameda

Ameda's washable nursing pads are made from 100% cotton materials and contoured to the shape of your breast. They are soft, comfortable and machine washable. More »

Medela Washable Bra Pads

Medela Washable Bra Pads
Medela Washable Bra Pads.

Medela's Washable Bra Pads are cream colored pads and contoured to minimize movement in your bra. They are made from natural materials to allow air to flow through to your breasts and keep your skin healthy. These breast pads are machine washable. The package includes 4 nursing pads (2 pairs) and a mesh laundry bag to keep the pairs together while washing. Buy from Amazon »

Glitzy Gals Washable and Reusable Nursing Pads

Itzy Ritzy Glitzy Gals reusable breast pads are soft, comfortable and stylish.
Itzy Ritzy Glitzy Gals Washable and Reusable Nursing Pads. Itzy Ritzy

These comfortable nursing pads from Itzy Ritzy have absorbent flannel on the inside backed with a layer of 100% cotton to absorb leaks.  The bamboo rayon material that touches your skin is silky, lightweight and breathable.  They are 4 5/8 inches across packaged in a gift box containing 3 pairs (6 pads). These stylish eco-friendly pads are soft, absorbent, comfortable and machine washable.  More »

Nuk Reusable Nursing Pads

Nuk Reusable Nursing Pads

Nuk's absorbent, washable pads have a 100% cotton inner lining. They are thin to provide discreet coverage, so they are best for light to moderate leaking.


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