Revertigo: Do You Suffer From It?

I recently watched a hilarious episode of my 'guilty pleasure' show, How I Met Your Mother, in which they describe a phenomenon called 'revertigo'. Revertigo is when you get together with people from your past and start acting like the person you were when you knew them. For example, you may act like a goofy teen when you see your high school buds, or worry about your appearance if you know you're going to run into an old flame.

While revertigo can sometimes be a fun distraction, it can be stressful, too. For example, many people go through revertigal transformation when they visit their families for the holidays, and end up playing a sort of role in response to other family members. This can feel stifling, and can be annoying for spouses who may not be used to the reverted version of the people they love.

Does this happen to you? If so, you may want to see this article on tips for handling family revertigo. (And before you give me too hard of a time for watching silly sitcoms, see these articles on the importance of laughter and having fun.)

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