Advanced Pilates Workout with Alisa Wyatt Review

This Pilates Workout Will Make You Sweat

Advanced Pilates Workout with Alisa Wyatt.
Advanced Pilates Workout with Alisa Wyatt. YouTube

Often times workout DVDs are hit-or-miss. Not the case with the Advanced Pilates Workout with Alisa Wyatt. If you have been looking for an advanced Pilates mat workout that goes straight through the classical repertoire at tempo, with no stops, this video is for you. Even experienced Pilates students will be challenged by this invigorating workout.

About Advanced Pilates Workout with Alisa Wyatt


  • A 43-minute advanced Pilates mat workout
  • Led by certified Pilates instructor Alisa Wyatt
  • Straightforward workout without a lot of extras
  • Available as a Quicktime file that can be transferred to DVD


  • Complete advanced Pilates mat workout
  • Exercises are performed with flow and at tempo
  • Verbal coaching is good and allows a workout without looking at the screen
  • Wyatt demonstrates exercises with competence and grace
  • Includes some advanced variations and reformer on the mat exercises


  • Narration never stops

Advanced Pilates Workout with Alisa Wyatt Review

All aboard! The Pilates train is leaving the station and it's not going to stop for 43 minutes. Not only that, but it's going to put you through the entire classical Pilates mat sequence and then some. Occasionally I get notes from frustrated readers who buy Pilates exercise DVDs that aren't challenging enough.

I don't think anyone can say that about this workout. In the Advanced Pilates Workout, Wyatt leads you through an invigorating workout that brings forth the many benefits of actually doing Pilates mat work as Joseph Pilates hoped people would: with vigor, strength and commitment to each exercise.

Narrating such an intense workout like this one is difficult, but I think Wyatt does an excellent job. She keeps you up to speed on the exercises so that you don't have to turn to look at the screen, which is helpful at the advanced level. Still, I hope you'll watch Wyatt's demonstrations of the exercises, as there is much to be learned from them.

She is very able, demonstrating with a lovely, enviable level of breath and flow.

There are also well-placed choreography and alignment cues, as well as bits of encouragement that show Wyatt knows what people need to hear during specific exercises. The only drawback to so much verbal coaching is that I occasionally wished for a little audio space.

One of the many benefits of going straight through Pilates mat work at tempo is that the logic of Joseph Pilates' sequencing becomes even more obvious. In this DVD there are some added variations and reformer exercises during mat work, but they are well integrated and they work.

For some advanced students this will be a straightforward DVD that you can use to get yourself to do a good workout on the mat. For others, getting through this workout with our Pilates principles intact is at the edge of what we can do. All the more reason to do it.

You can also watch a preview of the Advanced Pilates Workout.

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