Core, Calm and Digested Low-FODMAP Tea Blends Review

low-FODMAP tea blends
Photo Courtesy of Carolyn Lindrea

As you may know, the low-FODMAP diet has been shown to be effective in reducing the symptoms of IBS. The Monash University researchers behind the diet are continually testing foods for their FODMAP content. As this testing has been undertaken they have found that some herbal teas that were previously thought to be helpful for IBS contain higher levels of FODMAPs and thus might make symptoms worse.

This includes the old go-to favorites of chamomile and fennel teas.

Luckily, a Certified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach from Australia named Carolyn Lindrea has developed a line of teas that are suitable for someone who is following the low-FODMAP diet. She has created beautiful blends of tea, each containing fresh, IBS-friendly herbs, hand-chosen to be soothing to your digestive system.

The Blends

On her website, Core, Calm and Digested, Ms. Lindrea offers the following tea blends (see below for information on the FODMAP content of each tea.):

  • Aussie Jem: contains "organic lemon myrtle, Australian green tea"
  • GI Jane: contains "organic acai, hibiscus, organic cacao, haw, organic cinnamon, rose"
  • Grace: contains "ginseng flowers, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, peppermint"
  • Ginger Ninja: contains "ginger, lemongrass, hibiscus"
  • Slim Jim: contains "lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon verbena"
  • Max Out: contains "rose, lime blossom, lavender, jasmine, orange, lemon balm, passionflower"

    On her site, Ms. Lindrea lists the health benefits of each type of tea. It is important to recognize that few research studies have been conducted as to the therapeutic value of herbal ingredients. Therefore, one must read these benefit descriptions with the understanding that these are only purported benefits.

    FODMAP Friendly Certification

    In Australia, there is a government-approved company that conducts lab testing to ensure that packaged foods that are labeled low-FODMAP are, in fact, low in FODMAPs. According to Ms. Lindrea, she submitted her teas for certification and was surprised by the results.

    Aussie Jem and Grace received certification that they are indeed low-FODMAP. Ginger Ninja and Max Out tested high for fructose and so should be avoided by anyone who has fructose malabsorption. GI Jane should be avoided by anyone who has an intolerance to sorbitol, and Slim Jim should be avoided by anyone who has difficulty tolerating GOS. (See "What Are the FODMAP Types?").

    The Taste Test

    First off, let me say that these teas look luscious! The herbs in each package appear fresh, fragrant and colorful. Although the low-FODMAP diet is certainly one of restriction, you will not feel deprived when you brew yourself up these tea blends.

    The brewing time for the teas ranges from five to ten minutes. You will need a tea infuser of some sort as these are loose teas. But if you are like me, there is something so soothing and civilized about using an infuser. I am telling you, these teas will make you feel pampered!

    The varieties that I sampled included:

    Ginger Ninja: This is a tasty, intriguing blend that I chose to brew up on a day when both my belly and my immune system needed a little extra attention and I thought that some ginger would fit the bill.

    GI Jane: The fragrance of this beautiful blend of herbs was completely matched by its richness of flavors. My taste buds were extremely pleased with me when I gave this blend a try.

    Max Out: Another stunning blend, whose taste was as delightful as its smell. I chose this blend on a day when life stress was a bit higher due to the calming sound of its ingredients.

    This blend may have been better named as Chill Out. If you can tolerate the small amount of fructose, this tea makes a nice alternative to chamomile.

    Aussie Jem: I personally do not tolerate caffeine well, so I took a pass on this blend as it contains green tea. If you are okay with a little caffeine, you can enjoy the purported health benefits of green tea without any FODMAP worries with this blend.

    The Bottom Line

    These teas are each a blend of fresh, fragrant herbs that are as tasty as they are pleasing to the eye. You will feel so pampered as you brew yourself up these luscious blends. I applaud Ms. Lindrea for seeking out certification so that you can be confident that you are choosing teas that are right for your particular FODMAP tolerance.

    Although the company is based in Australia, the teas can be shipped to the United States. To order the teas, visit:

    Disclosures: Sample teas were provided by the manufacturer. In addition, Ms. Lindrea was a student in my online low-FODMAP training program. But her teas are really as awesome as I describe!