Mindfulness Meditation App Review and Criticisms

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The Mindfulness Meditation App by BeMindful Mindfulness Training Australia and MULX is an audio/visual meditation guide available for smartphones and other devices running the Android operating system. Mindfulness Training Australia offers training and workshops about mindfulness meditation for clinicians and the general public.


The app consists of two audio tracks: "Release Relax Return" which is just under four minutes, and "The Meadow Mountain" which lasts nearly nine minutes.

Before running the audio tracks, users can browse through a list of meditation tips. These cover topics such as choosing a space to meditate, starting with an intention, how to meditate in small chunks, breathing tips, posture, distractions, and dealing with feelings.

After the tips have been reviewed, the user can select an "intention" for the current meditation. A list of choices is offered (including such options as "focus", "forgiveness", and "acceptance". Users may also choose their own intention. Finally, intentions can be shared with the app; shared intentions are used by Mindfulness Meditation Australia to post the most common intentions chosen by users on their website.

The "Release Relax Return" audio track includes a voice description of a meditation. The "Meadow Mountain" track also adds in music and the use of imagery as part of the practice.

What I Like

I like the simplicity of this app.

It is easy to navigate and figure out how to view the tips, select and intention, and play your choice of audio track.

The voice used for meditation is soothing and calm. The use of visual imagery in the "Meadow Mountain" track is particularly effective.

I like that this app offers two relatively short tracks that can be used for brief meditations throughout the day.

I can easily imagine the "Release Relax Return" track being useful during periods of downtime/waiting, such as riding on a bus or train.

I like that the app is reasonably priced. At 99 cents to download, users will certainly feel comfortable making the splurge.

The candle image that shows onscreen during the meditation is appropriate and calming.

The screen fonts and layout are all pleasing to the eye, which adds to the calming nature of this app.


It seems that parts of the tips sections are cut off when viewing through the index. Trying to scroll to read to the bottom did not appear to remedy this issue.

Although the brief meditation offers a great chance for a quick break from your day, I found it hard to forget about worries and relax during such a short practice. Perhaps repeated use of the short track would improve its usefulness.

The Bottom Line

I found this meditation app to be useful and potentially helpful for those looking to break away from daily stresses and focus on being more mindful.

I believe that repeated regular use of the meditations may be more effective than sporadic use; training oneself to relax the mind quickly evidently takes practice.

If you are looking for an inexpensive meditation aid that offers short audio/visual tracks to help break up your day, this may be the app for you. At only 99 cents to download, and available on the Android operating platform, smartphone users will find it convenient to use when on the go.

For those with social anxiety disorder (SAD), the use of the app as part of regular meditation practice will be helpful for learning to focus on the present moment. The selection of specific intentions relevant to social and performance fears will also make the app that much more useful.

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