Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table Review

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M. Ryan

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Great for train lovers and more

I longed for a train table ever since my oldest son pushed his first little toy tank engine across the floor and parked it in my shoe. A table seemed so tidy and organized -- while still promising lots of fun. Alas, we lived in a little apartment with no room for a side table let alone a train table. Now, though, we have a square space of a basement playroom that just begged to be filled with chugging and choochooing.

Lucky for us, Little Guy's godmother came through for Christmas and delivered the Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table.

While a train table hasn't proven to be as perfect as I had once dreamed, this play set is still an excellent addition to any toddler's toy collection if you have the space and the budget. Of course, it's especially rad for train lovers and collectors of Thomas the Tank Engine. In short, your little conductor will not be disappointed.


The table must be assembled. There are 100 pieces that include the table with a storage drawer along with play pieces: 

  • 55 pieces of wooden track 
  • special pieces that have lights and sounds
  • eight trains
  • two vehicles
  • three traffic signs
  • a fueling station
  • five cargo bundles
  • four streetlights
  • five wooden figures
  • four rock trestles
  • two viaducts
  • four trees
  • a crossing gate
  • two trestles
  • two construction zone cones
  • four rocks 

Once put together, the table measures 47.75" long by 32.5" wide and 15.75" high.


Wooden Track Set -- Best for Toddlers

If you already have entered the world of train toys and train play sets, then you know that there are many types of tracks and trains -- and they are not all compatible or made equal. This table uses the wooden , keyhole-style connection sets. That's m personal favorite style for toddlers.

There are other plastic sets that stay connected better than the wooden tracks. However, even very small hands that haven't mastered fine motor skills can connect and rearrange these wooden tracks to make curvy  turns and steep mountains -- and then take it apart and make something completely new.

The Imaginarium table comes with the company's own wooden trains, but It's compatible with Thomas and Friends and Brio wooden train sets. If you have the cast iron Thomas trains, they will wobble a bit on the tracks, but my kids still manage to have fun with them. 

With more than 55 pieces of wooden track and accessories, your little one can make a variety of railway designs. However, mom and dad can help set up a nice arrangement that wraps around and through the center of the table. There is a two-tower bridge with lights and two realistic train sounds, a two-level mountain pass tunnel, a four-door roundhouse with opening doors, and a swivel-crane with magnetic grips for lifting cargo -- one of my kids' favorite features.

There are some other fun features such as play graphics that make this a very nice train table.

What you should know

Nothing's perfect, right? In this case,  there are three things to consider before you commit to the Imaginarium Mountain Rock Train Table.

First, is the size. You need to have a good space for the table and enough area around it to let kids move freely and have a storage box for the trains and additional tracks or accessories (the storage draw is good for a few extras but it's not going to hold everything your child needs to have fun).

The cost is another hurdle for many. Priced at around $150.00, the train table is an investment. However, the life of train play is likely to be years long. If you have siblings, the life is possibly even longer. And this train table is well made, so you can expect to get your money's worth.

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