Review of Sensory Perspective's Electrosmog Detector Product

This UK Company Claims to Make the Best Personal EMF Detector

Electrosmog Detector
Image provided by Detect-Protect

Electrosmog is a clever name for the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) produced by wireless technology and electricity. The most common sources of electrosmog and its invisible electromagnetic radiation are some of the technology and devices that you likely use every day like cell phones, wireless networks, and cordless phones and baby monitors. While the science behind the dangers of prolonged exposure to electrosmog and EMFs is conflicted, there has been enough research on the ill-effects of certain kinds of electrosmog - particularly high-frequency voltage transients - to warrant some concern.

Enter the development of the personal electrosmog detector.

Overview of the Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector

The Electrosmog Detector by Sensory Perspective is a small handheld device to detect what is known as "electrosmog" or signals from wireless devices such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile phones and cordless phones. The idea behind the Electrosmog Detector is to help you "listen" to the electrosmog around you and take actions to reduce it and the potential health concerns.

As a company, Sensory Perspective’s stated primary objective is to "improve people’s awareness and understanding of the risk of exposure to electrosmog, as well as how to protect themselves and their families from it, whether at home or at work."

Fast Facts About the Product: Pros and Cons

The Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector was one of the first personal EMF detection devices on the market. The original model has gone through some updates and changes since its launch, but still remains one of the most famous EMF detectors on the international market.


  • Easy to use, right out of the box (comes with a battery)
  • Seems to work as advertised
  • Simple, straightforward controls


  • Annoying, unpleasant sound(s)
  • Unclear what to do after initial use of device
  • Unsubstantiated claims are implied about the impact of electrosmog on health

Expert Review of the Electrosmog Detector

The Sensory Perspective Electrosmog Detector is nicely packaged.

The instructions are minimal, but the operation of the device is fairly intuitive. Basically, you start in a place you think is "electrosmog free" and turn up the volume. As you get close to an electrosmog device (cordless phone base station, for example), it screeches louder and louder indicating the amount, type, and amplitude of the detected EMF.

Using the Electrosmog Detector

I really wish the sound didn't have to be so annoying -- it is a loud, static-like sound. I wish a nice gentle hum or even a visual light meter would have been used instead. That said, the device did seem to locate "electrosmog" in my house, including the cordless phone base unit and my Wi-Fi transmitter. It was easy to use and did what it said. Newer models of the detector claim to be "broadband," meaning the device can detect different types of EMFs and indicate their location and strength with a range of sounds (buzzing, screeching, pulsing). I can only hope that the sounds are more tolerable.

Health and Electrosmog

I wish the device had come with more literature about electrosmog itself, the reported health problems (like headaches) that some claim to be linked with electrosmog, and (most importantly) what to do once you find some electrosmog in your house.

I do have to say that the rooms of my house that have the least electrosmog are the rooms that I would describe as "most peaceful." Could there be a connection between the electrosmog levels and my qualitative perception of peacefulness? It is possible. I think I will do a little furniture rearranging to spend more time in those rooms and make sure the cell phone base station stay far away from my bed at night (for example), just in case there is something to this electrosmog business.

The Bottom Line

The Electrosmog Detector by Sensory Perspectives does what it says -- it detects wireless signals from mobile phones, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other devices.

When it is near a signal, it lets out a harsh screechy sound. What does this mean for health? Hard to say. Some claim that "electrosmog" is the source of health problems like headaches, but ​hard scientific evidence is still a bit lacking. To check out the Sensory Perspectives Electrosmog Detector and other products, check out the manufacturer's website.