PrAna Yoga and Pilates Clothing Review

Workout Wear with a Cause

PrAna Julia pant.
PrAna Julia pant. PrAna

Since Pilates and yoga generally require similar workout wear, I decided to investigate prAna, an activewear brand known for high quality yoga clothing. PrAna's clothing for men and women follows a classic style that epitomizes the current athleisure trend.

An Environmentally Conscious Company

There are lots of reasons to love prAna. For starters, it's an environmentally conscious company. They have a number of green initiatives and clothing is made from organic cotton, hemp, repurposed down, and recycled wool and polyester.

Some of their products are also certified Fair Trade, meaning that they are certified under the United State's apparel program that ensure fair wages, high working standards, and investment into community development.

PrAna's business model is also dedicated to giving back. Throughout the year, prAna partners with several local and international charities. For instance, during the winter holiday season, they donate a portion of the proceeds from select products to the non-profit organization, Outdoor Outreach.

PrAna Workout Wear Review

So you can feel good about supporting this company for their ethics, but can you support them for their products? The answer is yes. Their clothing strikes the perfect balance between comfort and structure, and the variations in colors and styles make this a brand you can wear year round.

I decided to test out three pairs of prAna yoga pants. These everyday basics will get a lot of wear, but they hold up well:

The Gabi Legging

Of the three prAna pants I tried out, these are the ones I got most attached to. The Gabi Legging has panels reminiscent of a riding pant. At first I thought, "Oh no, not me. I can't wear a cut like that. I'll look like I'm riding a horse," but I tried it and I looked good. The panels accentuate my curvy hips and the style is flattering overall.

I feel good in them. Organic cotton helps with that, of course. If you don't mind something unexpected in the cut of your workout pants, the Gabi is worth trying. $75

The Julia Pant

For some reason, the Julia Pant is cut much more generously than the others I tried. It is fuller in the leg and seems to have a bigger waistband, too. It can be hard to find boutique workout clothing that fits a fuller figure, so try this one if most styles you try on feel too tight. This doesn't mean they're oversized - just forgiving. $80