Revolved Half Moon Pose - Parivrtta Ardha Chandrasana

Caucasian woman practicing yoga
Alberto Guglielmi / Getty Images

Type of pose: Standing, balancing, twisting

Benefits: Strengthen the ankles, and thighs, improves balance, aids digestion

Revolved half moon combines a deep twist with a standing balance for to make a super challenging posture. You'll often see it mentioned as a least favorite pose. Using a block under your lower hand is almost guaranteed to be a necessity for beginners.

In fact, the block continues to help advanced students as well.

Without the block, it's hard to keep your lifted leg high, maintain your balance, and get into any kind of twist all at the same time. The block gives you a fighting chance at getting two out of three of those, which is a good place to work from. 

You can enter into this pose from any number of standing poses. These instructions have you starting in a standing split since that sets up your hips in the right way. Warrior III can also be a good place to start from for this reason.


1. Begin in a standing split standing on your right leg.

2. Bring your left leg in line with your left hip so the leg is parallel to the floor. If you can't lift it that high, bring it as close to parallel as possible. Point the toes of the left foot toward the floor and flex the foot strongly.

3. Move your hands away from your feet until the hands are underneath your shoulders. Take a block under your left hand.

4. Bring your right hand to your right hip.

5. Twist from your low belly to open your chest to the right. Try to point your elbow up at the sky and stack your right shoulder on top of your left one. 

6. Straighten your the right arm up toward the ceiling and lift your gaze up to your right fingertips.

7. Don't forget about your left left. As you turn your attention to your twist, the left leg wants to start to droop toward the floor. Keep your left foot flexed and your left leg as close to parallel to the floor as possible.

8. Keep both hips squared towards the floor.

9. Stay for three to five breaths and then release to a forward fold for a few breath's rest before moving to the other side.

Beginners Tips:

If you've never tried this pose with a block under your hand, you'll be surprised how much it improves your ability to keep your left leg high while simultaneously opening your chest to the right. If you don't have an official yoga block, no worries. You can hack a block from things you have a round the house.

Advanced Tips: 

Bend your left knee and grab the top of your left foot with your right hand.