Riding Toys for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Make getting from here to there way more fun with riding toys for kids.

From young grade-schoolers to capable tweens and teens, kids usually love riding toys that allow them to speed along  streets, sidewalks, and driveways. Ride at home or take these cool riding toys for kids to and from school or sports practices to add active play to your day.

Yvolution Y Fliker Air Series

Y Fliker Air scooter riding toy
Courtesy of Amazon

With this three-wheeled scooter, there's no pushing off the ground with one foot. Instead, with both feet on the decks, move hips and legs from side to side (in a downhill skiing-style motion). Use the hand brakes to stop. Note that the 33-inch handlebar is not adjustable. The Y Fliker Air is suitable for kids up to 110 lbs.

RipRider 360

Riprider 360 Razor outdoor ride-on toy

The RipRider may look like a tricycle, but it's way cooler than a kiddie bike. The RipRider's rear caster wheels allow it to spin completely around (hence the 360 in the name) and then keep on going. While the RipRider was designed for younger kids (5 and up), it's sturdy enough for teens (and adults) to ride. I guarantee they'll want to give it a spin too.

Rollerblade Spitfire XT

Rollerblade Spitfire - riding toys for older kids
Courtesy of Amazon

This kids' inline skate from Rollerblade is expandable to four sizes, so your child can keep wearing it even as his feet grow (and grow, and grow). This model also has a lower center of gravity to make it easier for kids to balance. Smaller sizes have three wheels, bigger ones have four. You'll also want knee pads and a helmet, especially for kids just starting out.

Micro Sprite Scooter

Micro Sprite scooter
Courtesy of Amazon

I love the Micro Mini-Kick for little ones; the Sprite is a great option for kids 8 and up (including teens and adults up to 220 lbs.). Its handle is adjustable and the scooter weighs just 5.5 lbs. This scooter comes with a rear brake and kickstand, and is foldable.

Zike Z150 Elliptical Scooter

WingFlyer Z150 stepping scooter

Imagine your elliptical trainer cruising down the sidewalk and you'll have some idea of what the Zike WingFlyer is like. Its "wings" are pedals that you step on and pump, and it has a hand brake and gears like a bike. But you ride upright like a scooter.


EzyRoller outdoor ride-on toy

With no pedals, chain, or batteries, just how does this bike/scooter hybrid go? Even the youngest kids (3 and up) catch on quickly. All they have to do is press their feet against the push bar, alternating right and left to create a surprisingly fast, sinuous motion. It's safe for riders up to 150 lbs.

Razor RipStik Caster Board

Razor RipStik Caster Board
Razor RipStik

This hot wheelie is a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard—the wheels can rotate 360 degrees and the deck pivots too. Kids can speed up or turn just by transferring their weight from side to side. (Be sure to pair this with a helmet if your child doesn't already have one.) Recommended for ages 8 and up.

Razor Sole Skate

Razor Sole Skate outdoor ride-on toy

This one's perfect for kids who wish they could skate everywhere they go: The one-foot Sole Skate. It has three sturdy wheels and is designed to fit snugly around a child's shoe, allowing him to pivot, swerve, and roll across any flat surface. Once he arrives at his destination, the Sole Skate fits easily in his backpack. Ages 8 and up; weight limit 220 lbs.


Orbitwheels ride on toy

Part skateboard, part inline skate, part something-altogether-new! Orbitwheels are simply wheels you wear on your feet, no straps or buckles required. They are suitable for a variety of surfaces and with practice, rides can master lots of cool tricks. They're also lightweight enough to stuff in a backpack or locker when riding time is up. For ages 8 and up.

Razor Spark Kick Scooter

Razor Spark kick scooter ride on

This super-popular Razor scooter has a twist: a mechanism that actually shoots sparks when the rider activates it. Available in blue, red, and clear/black, the Spark Kick features the same folding system and rear brake as the original Razor kick scooter. Also try the Razor Graffitti, which lets riders draw chalk lines instead of shooting sparks! For kids ages 8 and up (Spark; Graffitti is suitable for 6-year-olds and up).

Tail Wags Helmet Cover

Bumblebee Tail Wag helmet cover
Tail Wags

Whatever riding toys for kids you choose, make sure your riders are protected with a helmet. One way to encourage helmet wear is with these cool helmet covers. There are tons of designs available—everything from princess crowns to dinosaur spikes to dozens of different animals and insects. Tail Wags covers fit over all makes and models of bike, ski, skate, and equestrian helmets. Or check out the rockin' helmet designs from Raskullz.

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