RoEzIt Cream Relieves Skin Irritation from CPAP Masks

Safe to Use with Silicone Masks, Cream May Help Redness and Rashes

Fitted over the nose, the ComfortGel Blue from Respironics is a mask used with CPAP to treat sleep apnea. Brandon Peters, M.D.

If you use continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat your sleep apnea, you are no doubt familiar with the difficulties that can occur with CPAP masks. Beyond finding the right style that fits you best, with reduced leak and ability to optimize your therapy, the masks can also cause skin irritation. Whether you notice a little redness or a more significant rash, you may be interested in learning how RoEzIt Dermal Care and CPAP Moisture Therapy creams could improve your experience.

CPAP masks are typically made of a plastic or silicone that seals firmly to the face after being secured by a headgear. Depending on the style – full face, nasal, or nasal pillows – the amount of contact between the mask and skin can vary. In some individuals, especially those with more sensitive skin, this contact can create irritation. As a result, redness, dryness, rashes, or chaffing may develop. If the area is provoked on a nightly basis by the same mask, it can be difficult for the skin to heal. This may lead to further problems with pressure sores, ulcers, or even skin cracking and bleeding.

Beyond changing to a different mask style or simply taking a break from using the CPAP, it can also be helpful to create a barrier between the mask and skin with a cream. It is important to recognize that many petroleum-based products may damage the silicone plastics used to produce most CPAP masks.

It may cause the plastic to slightly dissolve and deform, wearing the mask out more quickly and worsening mask leak. Therefore, it is recommended that only non-petroleum creams, lotions, and salves should come in contact with the plastic cushion of your mask.

Two of the most popular options are RoEzIt Dermal Care and CPAP Moisture Therapy creams.

Without any petroleum-based components, these products instead contain aloe vera, emu oil, and vitamins A and E. Each product is available for $7.95 for purchase online.

By applying these creams before placing your CPAP mask, you may avoid unnecessary skin irritation and optimize your sleep apnea therapy.


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