Is It Safe to Ride a Roller Coaster While I'm Pregnant?

Roller coaster
© Patty Lagera / Getty Images

Riding a roller coaster during pregnancy is generally not a good idea. Although some pregnant women may ride them without consequences, in later pregnancy there is a risk that the fast stops and starts could lead to placental abruption. No one has formally documented the exact risk of this occurring, but the best course of action is to avoid any risk of placental abruption from a roller coaster by simply not riding the roller coaster while pregnant.

That said, riding a roller coaster in very early pregnancy (such as the early part of the first trimester) is probably not likely to cause a miscarriage. In early pregnancy, the placenta is at much earlier stages of development and is less likely to be affected by jarring movements. So if you are wondering whether riding a roller coaster before you knew you were pregnant may have caused your first-trimester miscarriage, it probably didn't.

To be on the safe side, however, it makes sense to avoid riding roller coasters (and any other amusement park rides labeled as not suitable for pregnant women) at all points in pregnancy. Because no study has actually examined the likelihood of first-trimester miscarriage after riding a roller coaster, no one can say for certain exactly when it is safe and at what points the risk would increase. Plus, if you did have a miscarriage after riding a roller coaster (even if the ride had nothing to do with the loss), you would not want to look back and second guess your decision about riding the roller coaster.


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