Romantic Thoughts for Pregnancy

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Whether Valentine's day may be just around the corner or you're just looking forward to date night - romance in pregnancy is important. (This is not just about sex!) Everywhere you see hearts and flowers, romantic cards, and many women are probably thinking, "Oh not me, not now!"

Why not now? Being pregnant only means that you're pregnant, not dead!

Here are some ideas to keep the romance alive, even during pregnancy:

  • Buy her flowers and bring them home or have them delivered. Not only will they not harm her health in any way, but they may improve yours!​
  • Chocolates are fine too. Just remember not to overdo it, and that goes for people who aren't pregnant too. Chocolate may contain slight amounts of caffeine, but a piece or two spread out over time will not harm you, the baby or the pregnancy in any way.​
  • Massage! Don't just go by the old V-day stand bys, try a really great massage! You can even get a professional spa gift certificate and drive her there and back. Or do it yourself with some tasty oils. Be sure to avoid pressing too hard on her belly or around her ankles, there are places that might cause her to have contractions prior to being ready.​
  • Dinner is always a nice treat! This one really depends on where she is in pregnancy. If she's still early on and every smell makes her nauseated, this might be an idea to skip. If she's near term she may have trouble sitting in certain types of chairs. Don't be hesitant to ask her what she finds most comfortable.​
  • A date is also a good thing. I often tell first time parents that as they approach their due date a date is one of the best things that they can do for themselves. This is also something that can be great for the parents of more than one child. A night away is a great escape. If you go to the movies, again watch the seating arrangements and the location of the restrooms!​
  • A coupon for housecleaning. Whether you do it or you hire it out, it's a great relief for her to get the day off (if this is her job). Or if it's your job and you don't do it often getting someone else to do it might be a gift to her in that she doesn't have to worry about it getting done. Having a clean house allows her to think about other things - like you!​
  • Love making is not out of the question. Do something to help you feel sexy - whatever that may be. They even make maternity lingerie. So follow a few simple suggestions and enjoy yourselves.​
  • Consider a baby moon. This is a pre-baby vacation and can be just what you need to relax and unwind, even if it's more of a staycation. Just getting away from the everyday things in your home and getting out to someplace new can be refreshing. Try it!

Whatever your heart desires is absolutely wonderful! But remember to reach out to each other. Pregnancy and parenting can really strain a relationship. Remember to be kind and loving towards one another. The best thing you can do is to keep the lines of communication open.

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